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The Four Traits of a Cherished Muslimah

Aired live on Saturday 27th June, 2020


Be A Cherished Muslimah

Salam! I'm Sara and I help Muslim women who lack love, respect and satisfaction in their lives and relationships to find intimacy and fulfilment.

...all in a way that gets them Allah's love!


Do You Want More From Life?

'I tried to fit into the world I now feel as though I have finally returned home to a place where I am loved and cherished.'

- A Cherished Muslimah 

Do you feel unloved and unappreciated?

Do you find it hard to articulate how you feel?

Do your needs go unmet while you look after everyone else?

Have you forgotten the last time you took time out for yourself?

Do you resent giving love to your husband?

Do you feel disconnected from Allah and His Messenger ﷺ?

It’s Time To Be Cherished!

'A women’s group of hope, starting over, connecting to Allah through His names and the Prophet ﷺ through salawat and embodying his character.'

A Cherished Muslimah 


Be cherished by those around you...

Get the love that you want in your life...

Cultivate a culture of respect in your marriage, for everyone, including you!

Create win-win solutions where everyone’s needs are met...

Prioritise time for yourself...

Value the honour Allah has given you...

Fall in love with Allah and His Messenger ﷺ!


Are You Ready To Flourish?

As a mentor and coach who helps Muslim women to connect with their innate strengths and wisdoms, I'm guessing you want to make changes in your life that will bring you happiness and make you feel cherished.

But perhaps your efforts to create a happy life and home have not got you the results that you want?

Let's work on cultivating the traits of leadership, love, wisdom and justice in your marriage and/or life so that you become a Cherished Muslimah!



A Cherished Connection

A Cherished Muslimah is always connected to Allah, and she draws from His beautiful names and lofty attributes to do everything purposefully and prayerfully, knowing the He has her back.


A Cherished Marriage

A marriage is a unique fusion of two people, coming together with love and respect to form a new whole.  From their two souls, they form the new soul of their union. Through a fusion of intimacy and fulfilment, they bring life to something beautiful.

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If you would like to create a fulfilled life that is abundant in love and respect, book a discovery call with me today, and let's see if I can help you to create the life you desire!


'She loves herself and others; possesses the strength of a warrioress;

Wisely leads all those around her, and has intuition and flexibility.


- The Four Traits of a Cherished Muslimah