12-Week Coaching Program

Manifest the four traits of leadership, love, wisdom and justice so that your inner garden can flourish 

Focused and Supported Change

The Cherished Muslimah Coaching Programme is a twelve-week coaching programme designed to take women on a transformational journey to practically and gradually implement the habits outlined in The Four Traits of a Cherished Muslimah, so that their inner gardens can flourish.

Over the course of twelve consecutive weeks, women work through The Cherished Muslimah Workbook, completing weekly self-reflective exercises and practical activities to implement, and have a weekly feedback coaching session with Sara for guidance and mentoring, and to discuss their progress along the way.

12-Week Programme


Top features

  • Targeted focus on cultivating a new habit per week 
  • Required reading and completion of exercises 
  • Weekly coaching sessions for 12 consecutive weeks 

If you would like to see if the 12-Week Programme is for you or would like to create a fulfilled life that is abundant in love and respect, book a free discovery call with me today, and let's discuss how I can best help you to create the life you desire!


What's Included

Private one-to-one coaching at a time that suits you

12-week focus on cultivating the habits you most need

Build strong foundations for your life and relationships

Working through The Four Traits of a Cherished Muslimah workbook

Private weekly (and flexible) coaching

Access to Cherished Seasons videos, group coaching & community


Lay the Foundations and Add Nourishment

Weekly coaching from Sara to help you to cultivate new habits in your marriage, relationship and life.

Support and encouragement during times of change

Focus on the most pressing areas of your marriage first, in a bespoke coaching package

Become a Cherished Muslimah through loving empowerment


For the first six sessions, you will implement the four traits on a foundation level, and create a secure bedrock for your marriage:

A Purposeful Balance

Receiving Love From Others And Oneself

Communicating Wisely

Respecting Others


The final six sessions will focus on nourishing your marriage with the four traits in ways that will fortify your life and relationship:


Giving Love To Others

Chasing Rainbows!

Boundaries – With Others And Oneself

Complimentary Copy of The Four Traits of a Cherished Muslimah & Workbook

Receive a complimentary copy of both The Four Traits of a Cherished Muslimah and its companion workbook so that you can cultivate the four traits of leadership, love, wisdom and justice in your marriage, relationships and life, as soon as possible.


'Self Discovery'

Through Cherished Seasons I realised that I had not fully digested my thoughts and emotions from the more difficult times. And as a result, I was withholding back, from life itself. I don’t know how Sara did it, but through the tools and ways of thinking she taught us, I was able to reflect, realise, and let go.

I am now a happier person, someone who is grateful for every blessing and someone who has a thirst to go for things in life. It was a journey of self-discovery and healing that was put in my path for my benefit, and for that, I am ever grateful.

A Cherished Muslimah 

'One of the best investments I have made in my life'

I'm a full time working, studying, and homeschooling, single parent and before Cherished Seasons, it's fair to say I was living life like a zombie. Disconnected to the life I was living in so many ways, deflated, exhausted, rarely mentally present, relationships with family were all suffering, home life too. I was only just getting by, unable to behave rationally due to the pressures I felt, unable to express correctly, and there was so much more negativity in my life. And I would have continued that way for the rest of my life if I hadn't come across Cherished Seasons.

I have learnt so much since I joined, I've started connecting to Allah so much more in more ways than one, and to Our beloved Prophet Muhammad ﷺ, I am reflecting a lot on what I've learnt, my home life has improved dramatically. As has my communication, I'm more present in my life; my relationships have improved, as has my emotion/mental health and the way I used to react to things.

A Cherished Muslimah 

'A Different Light'

A safe space for sisters to discuss their thoughts, ideas and worries and for one another to support each other. I've been able to look at and react to situations in a different light and with a mature attitude, not allowing myself to be so affected by things that once would make me question the way I was living my life.

A Cherished Muslimah