12-Week Coaching Program

Manifest the four traits of leadership, love, wisdom and justice so that your inner garden can flourish 

Focused and Supported Change

The Cherished Muslimah Coaching Programme is a twelve-week coaching programme designed to take women on a transformational journey to practically and gradually implement the habits outlined in The Four Traits of a Cherished Muslimah, so that their inner gardens can flourish.

Over the course of twelve consecutive weeks, women work through The Cherished Muslimah Workbook, completing weekly self-reflective exercises and practical activities to implement, and have a weekly feedback coaching session with Sara for guidance and mentoring, and to discuss their progress along the way.

12-Week Programme


Top features

  • Targeted focus on cultivating a new habit per week 
  • Required reading and completion of exercises 
  • Weekly coaching sessions for 12 consecutive weeks 

If you would like to see if the 12-Week Programme is for you or would like to create a fulfilled life that is abundant in love and respect, book a free discovery call with me today, and let's discuss how I can best help you to create the life you desire!


Lay the Foundations and Add Nourishment

Weekly coaching from Sara to help you to cultivate new habits in your marriage, relationship and life.

Support and encouragement during times of change

Focus on the most pressing areas of your marriage first, in a bespoke coaching package

Become a Cherished Muslimah through loving empowerment


For the first six sessions, you will implement the four traits on a foundation level, and create a secure bedrock for your marriage:

A Purposeful Balance

Receiving Love From Others And Oneself

Communicating Wisely

Respecting Others


The final six sessions will focus on nourishing your marriage with the four traits in ways that will fortify your life and relationship:


Giving Love To Others

Chasing Rainbows!

Boundaries – With Others And Oneself

Complimentary Copy of The Four Traits of a Cherished Muslimah & Workbook

Receive a complimentary copy of both The Four Traits of a Cherished Muslimah and its companion workbook so that you can cultivate the four traits of leadership, love, wisdom and justice in your marriage, relationships and life, as soon as possible.


'A Whole New World'

I’ve come such a long way since my work with you

I was in such a mess with that relationship. I worked through my worthiness, self-love, finding myself and building my relationship with Allah. You introduced me to a whole new world

Coaching Client 


Sara has helped me in so many ways!

By allowing me to feel more empowered, by showing me how to action boundaries, by helping me to find my self-esteem, by explaining how other people may be feeling and how to understand this, by enabling me to do self-care things which are helpful to me. 

Coaching Client


Sara empowered me to set boundaries, and stand up for myself.

She reminded me about my intentions and goals, and in general to have a much happier marriage and life.

 Coaching Client