12-Week Coaching Program

Manifest the four traits of leadership, love, wisdom and justice so that your inner garden can flourish 

Focused and Supported Change

The Cherished Muslimah Embodiment Programme is a twelve-week coaching programme designed to empower you from within – access your innate merciful traits of leadership, love, justice and wisdom.

Over the course of twelve consecutive weeks, you will have a weekly coaching session in which you will learn how to create a merciful, peaceful life whilst being authentic, resourced and empowered.

I will be sharing how you can tap into your innate strength that is forgotten or asleep. You know, that wisdom thing we all talk about?  I will show you how to be WISE!  As one of the Cherished Muslimahs said, I will show how to transform from average to phenomenal!

You will be getting 12 weeks of support and encouragement as you tackle some of the biggest challenges of your life – and during this time, I will be there to hold you and cheer you on as you eventually come out the other side – a transformed woman, inshaAllah!

If you are ready to change, then what are you waiting for? Book a FREE Discovery Call with me and let’s get started on YOUR Cherished Muslimah journey!


Returning Cherished Muslimahs

Because I love and value the Cherished Muslimahs who have already had private coaching with me before, all of my returning clients will get a special discount for continued coaching - just contact me!

12-Week Programme


Top features

  • Supportive and flexible
  • Work on your top challenges
  • Nourish yourself from within

  • Learn in-depth tools and skills

  • Connect – with EVERYONE

If you would like to see if the 12-Week Programme is for you or would like to create a fulfilled life that is abundant in love and respect, book a FREE discovery call with me today, and let's discuss how I can best help you to create the life you desire!


The support you need

One-to-one coaching with Sara so that you can work privately on your own personal issues in more depth at a time that suits you

Flexible locations if you have a busy life or live far from Sara

3-month focus on your own transformational journey

Weekly support and coaching during your time of change

Further support via Cherished Seasons group coaching, videos and a supportive community between sessions and beyond the 12 weeks


Authentic, Resourced and Empowered

Behave and live the way that you truly want to

Be well resourced for whatever life gives you

Be the embodiment of feminine strength

Stop being depleted and do the things that really matter to you

Access your strengths whenever you need them

Focus your time, energy and attention and attention on the habits you need to learn, without overwhelm

A Merciful, Spiritual Connection

Be connected to your merciful creator, Allah, knowing that you are loved and accepted at all times.

Learn how you can emulate and follow the merciful yet strong Messenger of Allah ﷺ as a 21st-century woman!

Be merciful towards yourself, always

Understand how to be truly merciful towards others

Move From Pain to Peace

Find out what disempowers you and keep negative behaviour at bay!

Embrace and befriend your ‘dark side’ so you can work in partnership with it

Find out what is harming your relationships and what you can do to improve them

Learn Relational Skills for Love, Life and Work 

Comprehensive and clear steps on how to learn relationship skills

Manage your time, energy and productivity in a way that honours you at every moment and area of your life – at home or work

Self-development in a way that benefits and nurtures your relationships

In-depth reference manual, worksheets and information sheets for instant help and guidance

Receive a complimentary copy of both The Four Traits of a Cherished Muslimah and its companion workbook so that you can cultivate the four traits of leadership, love, wisdom and justice in your marriage, relationships and life, as soon as possible.




On the Verge of a Breakdown

I would like to say to anyone thinking of doing this course that this course is not just for young girls or young women, it is also for older women. I am a mother of three adults and a grandmother, and I was feeling a bit hesitant about what I would learn in this course. You can call me Mrs A. I was having boundary issues at home with my loved ones, and I felt I was near a breakdown or a burnout, so I decided to go ahead and experience it and try the course for myself. 

Saying No, Nicely

I used to feel hesitant saying no to people for tasks, and then I would be very nice; I’d go along with them, but now I’d come to a point where I was feeling on the verge of a breakdown and burnout. I wanted to do things for my loved ones, but I felt I needed limits, to say no in a nice way without being rude or seeming selfish. What really helped me with this was embodying the Queen archetype. I felt I’d never been a Queen; I’ve been like a servant all my life who has served others. This helped me make my boundaries easier and say no – in a nice way, without being rude.

Time for Others, And Me

I learned how I could allow people to be near me when I chose to and then move them to place them further from me when I felt overwhelmed. I realised that I could be there for my loved ones when they needed me, but there may be times when I need myself, and I need to be with me and my Lord to recuperate to get the strength to feel energised relaxed and calm. That helped me a lot with letting go of my feeling of guilt.

I also learnt about how males and females communicate differently, which helped me a lot with my relationships with my adult sons. I learnt to keep quiet when talking to men - asking them to do things and then trusting them to do it well, letting go and let them finish the task. It gave them confidence, and they felt validated, listened to and valued. That, in return, improved my relationship with them, and I’ve learnt to sit back and relax!

Loving Life, Myself and Having Fun!

I’ve also learnt how to be the Lover. I initially felt a bit shy, but then I learnt it’s about expressing love to the people we love who are in our lives and loving yourself - not in a selfish way. I have realised that I am just as important as anybody else, and Allah has created me. 

And I also learnt about bringing fun into my life! I didn’t know what fun meant so I learnt doing simple things like putting on red shoes and gloves and doing the housework could be fun! 

I also learnt that just relaxing and sitting in the park by the trees, looking at each leaf and admiring how God has made each and every leaf different and made the beautiful colours around me. I took my colouring materials there to look at the leaves and draw them, and by doing that, I discovered the artist in me.

These are some of the ways I’ve rediscovered myself and transformed by Allah’s help, so I’m going to say come along & experience it for yourself too!

- Mrs A


The Women’s PowerTypes™ Profile 

We all have access to our archetypal energies - at Cherished Muslimah we call them the five Women’s PowerTypes™. 

When you take the Women’s PowerTypes™ Profile, you find out which of the archetypes you have ready access to, and which ones you could bring back to life.

As part of the Cherished Muslimah 12 Week Embodiment Programme, you can take this online test - which is normally $97 (£77). As a One of Many Certified Women's Coach, I will send you a personalized report and teach you exactly which key areas have been holding you back from becoming powerful beyond measure.


'Self Discovery'

Through Cherished Seasons I realised that I had not fully digested my thoughts and emotions from the more difficult times. And as a result, I was withholding back, from life itself. I don’t know how Sara did it, but through the tools and ways of thinking she taught us, I was able to reflect, realise, and let go.

I am now a happier person, someone who is grateful for every blessing and someone who has a thirst to go for things in life. It was a journey of self-discovery and healing that was put in my path for my benefit, and for that, I am ever grateful.

A Cherished Muslimah 

'One of the best investments I have made in my life'

I'm a full time working, studying, and homeschooling, single parent and before Cherished Seasons, it's fair to say I was living life like a zombie. Disconnected to the life I was living in so many ways, deflated, exhausted, rarely mentally present, relationships with family were all suffering, home life too. I was only just getting by, unable to behave rationally due to the pressures I felt, unable to express correctly, and there was so much more negativity in my life. And I would have continued that way for the rest of my life if I hadn't come across Cherished Seasons.

I have learnt so much since I joined, I've started connecting to Allah so much more in more ways than one, and to Our beloved Prophet Muhammad ﷺ, I am reflecting a lot on what I've learnt, my home life has improved dramatically. As has my communication, I'm more present in my life; my relationships have improved, as has my emotion/mental health and the way I used to react to things.

A Cherished Muslimah 

'A Different Light'

A safe space for sisters to discuss their thoughts, ideas and worries and for one another to support each other. I've been able to look at and react to situations in a different light and with a mature attitude, not allowing myself to be so affected by things that once would make me question the way I was living my life.

A Cherished Muslimah