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Slave of God - Lover - Student - Wife - Mother -  Daughter - Sister - Friend

Marriage Coach - Author - Cherished Muslimah

Cherished Muslimah

I'm the founder of Cherished Muslimah, and I help Muslim women who lack love, respect and satisfaction to find fulfilment and intimacy in their lives and relationships.

I’m a women’s marriage mentor and coach and I coach ladies and often their husbands both face-to-face from home, and over Zoom.

I live in busy West London, right underneath the flight path, with my husband, three big sons (21,19 and 16 ) and a little 8-year-old daughter who is currently being homeschooled. 

Home Life

I’ve been married mashaAllah 23 years now, and life is as busy as ever, which it has been since I got married, really!  We live together with my elderly parents in law and also our Bengal cat who loves pipe-cleaners and brings in mice all the time.

We have such a hectic schedule that it’s hard to plan things.  We literally fly off the seat of our pants most of the time! Our family is part of Ha Meem Foundation, our extended family community.  We attend monthly halaqahs, dhikr gatherings and being a part of the foundation enriches our lives, Alhamdulillah. We have a busy household, and there is something happening almost every evening, so when we have an evening free its more of a relief.

We try to go somewhere as a family at least once a year – which is always a bit of a challenge as someone always seem to have exams or busy with something else, or maybe just isn’t in the mood!

Coaching & Author Life

I’ve been coaching women since 2008 and have just published my new book, The Four Traits of a Cherished Muslimah – How it takes more than just love to nourish your marriage and its companion workbook!  I am so excited about it – it took me ten years to write it, and many things were put on the back burner while I was busy with the writing and publishing process, but now, alhamdulillah, I’m back and ready to go!  Watch the launch here.

I run an online marriage course called Cherished Seasons, which just start in March 2020, around about the same time as the COVID-19 lockdown. I help women to cultivate the four traits of leadership, love, wisdom and justice through the course of the four seasons of the year.  It’s just started and developing beautifully, mashaAllah. 

I also offer a 12-week coaching programme for women and invite their husband's to take part fortnightly, so they can work with their wive to cultivate change.

This year has all been about creating.  Creating a new coaching platform, new routines and a new identity as a wife, mum, author and coach. Alhamdulillah I am so blessed to be making some really beautiful connections and growing the Cherished Muslimah team.

Men & Women

I am a champion of both women’s and men’s rights.  My self-development journey has taken me down many paths.  From being a people pleaser who just lived to make others happy, I became disdainful and disrespectful of those around me  – when my own needs weren’t being met it led to me being bitter, resentful and controlling.  Once I started to respect my own needs and limits, I was able to better respect my husband. 

We live in an era where ‘feminism’ has become an excuse for women belittling men, and being a 'proper man' has endorsed violence. 

We have had a rise in women becoming stronger and being recognised, which is great. But it has come at a cost of deprecating the qualities of men, which I think has been a great shame. It is not okay for men or women to belittle or harm anyone and it is important we all start standing up for what is just and fair, regardless of who is doing it. 

My Journey

My journey took me down the road of what Islam says about this injustice, and this journey was rife with heartbreak.   I found some really upsetting and unjust ‘teachings of Islam’ which led me to search for the truth.  Does Allah really see women as inferior?  And as I searched, Allah guided, all praise be to Him. I found teachers preaching a different message.  One that advocated women’s rights, autonomy, feistiness. One that embraced the nature of a woman.  

Yet more importantly: how The Messenger of Allah, may Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him, embraced the nature of a woman.  I finally felt at peace. 



Resurrecting Womanhood

I am now passionate about resurrecting the rights the Islam gave to women which have morphed into something unjust, strange-feeling yet widespread.  I am desperate to smuggle back the God who loves women just as much as He loves men.  And I am in love with His Messenger, who understood the struggle. 

The struggle of women not being heard, not being having access to his teachings, being treated unjustly, being abused. He acknowledged the struggles and addressed them.  He recognised their strengths and applauded them in the home and even on the battlefield. He spoke up for women and guided his male companions to do the same; may we all take his teachings as our guide. May Allah’s peace and blessings be showered upon him!

Soft Power

I am passionate about showing women how to become empowered through Soft Power – a feminine approach to life, love and work. If you find yourself getting burnt out or feel you are lacking in life force and you are ready to come back to balance, then I’m the coach for you!

Soft Power also means to confront and cherish others in the same breath - loving confrontation. Cherished Muslimah is all about speaking up against injustice, and committing to a Full Respect life - one where you are 100% respectful of others whilst ensuring that you are respected as well.

 I will partner you in your journey as you connect with and awake your inner archetypal energies so that you can embody the merciful traits of leadership, love, justice and wisdom, whilst making sure you live a 100% respectful life. I would love to work with you!


My Mentors

Cherished Muslimah is primarily inspired by the prophetic love infusion of my beloved teacher Shaykh Faid Mohammed Said and a deep divine connection to Allah and his beautiful names and lofty attributes through my esteemed teacher Shaykh Sulayman Van Ael.

I also fuse together neurolinguistic programming through the wise tutelage of my late trainers Paul Jacobs and Dee Shipman, to include hypnosis, parts integration and timeline therapy, with the archetypal theory of Carl Jung, Douglas Moore, Robert Gillette, Stephen Gillian and Robert Dilts.

I teach women to connect to their feminine Soft Power and retire Superwoman through the training from Dr Joanna Martin, founder of One of Many, and teach relational living skills, through training from family therapist Terrance Real, founder of the Relational Life Institute.

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