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I am Sheherazade. I am here to guide you on how to captivate your husband and to inspire you to release your inner feminine being, the one who is comfortable in herself to add that mysteriously feminine touch to her marriage; to make the bond she shares with him deeply intimate and enveloping.

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Putting 'it' into the calendar...

Dear Young Bride 

Today I am writing to you to emphasise to you the importance of time and your bedroom affairs. Many a young bride forgets to prioritise her bedroom affairs and instead watches them sadly pass by, night by night, feeling helpless, sad, nostalgic and defeated. This carries on for weeks, which turn into months, and then years, and she wonders – where did all the romance go? 

Well, I am here to tell you where it is going, or should I say, where it is not.  

Now tell me, do you make a note of your doctor’s appointments and your children’s parents' evenings? Do you make a note of when you need to give your cat flea medicine? You have heard my say before: you must prioritise yourself and your self-care – get your massages, bath soak and haircuts into the calendar! And having intimate nights with your husband is no different. If you don’t plan them, you may not have very many. 

And so here is my advice to you, young bride. And that is to put those nights of deep seduction and mystery into the calendar. If you know your husband comes home late on a Tuesday, then plan your night of enjoyment on a Wednesday. If you know that you have a class to attend on a Friday, then consider being romantic on a Thursday. Whatever works for the both of you, plan it in, and let your darling know about it!

That way, you can both be prepared, look forward to and anticipate the pleasure that lies await you that night. 

Let me remind you, my precious one, that back in the day when you were newly married, you knew that a romantic rendezvous was imminent, so you were prepared, your legs were waxed, your underarms were shaved and as fresh as a daisy, you were always perfumed, your clothes were pristine. Your commitments were reduced, perhaps you didn’t have very many then. 

Yet now, many couples assume that they will end up in bed after a busy hectic day at work, looking, smelling and feeling sexy – but sadly that doesn’t end up happening, does it now? 

And so, here are some tips for you to increase the chances of you having a delicious time in bed with your darling:

  • Agree on the days that work for you both, prioritising the days that you are in the lover phase of your cycleRemind each other on the day, or day before
  • Keep your room free of any of your children's playthings so you can focus on just the two of you
  • Keep those evenings relatively free of anything time-consuming or stressful
  • Have your intimate apparel ready and hanging in your wardrobe so you can change into it in the evening – and this may make you realise that you actually need to buy new seductive nightwear, in which case my darling, put a shopping trip or two into your calendar too!
  • Have some coconut oil ready to use to massage your husband with, or to request one for yourself – and might I add, dear one, that requesting a massage for yourself under favourable circumstances will be met with a favourable response
  • Prepare an essential oils massage blend with oils such as Ylang Ylang, Patchouli, Geranium and Cinnamon
  • Freshen up before bed, using deodorant and perfume, adding some of it to your hair
  • Change into something silky, gorgeous and seductive, or at the very least, something cotton and attractive.
  • Light a candle or two in your room, and turn off the lights,
  • And let the lovers do what lovers do best……. 

Now, I would like to add a modern-day tip for you young brides, to make things a bit more interesting, after all, a seductress also knows how to be playful and bring fun into the bedroom. I have noticed that there seem to be a lot of things that have hashtags in front of them and use alliteration, and so I thought to offer some for your nights of seduction. Instead of planning to be intimate on a Monday, for example, why not call them:

#SexySaturdays or perhaps even

Come on, my darling! Get creative with your nights of passion, get your love-tools ready and close the doors.

Let those candles burn for a good while,  

Yours ever,


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