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I am Sheherazade. I am here to guide you on how to captivate your husband and to inspire you to release your inner feminine being, the one who is comfortable in herself to add that mysteriously feminine touch to her marriage; to make the bond she shares with him deeply intimate and enveloping.

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A man's brain needs variety.

Why men want women to dress like Tarts (but never in public)

Why Men Don't Listen And Women Can't Read Maps by Alan and Barbara Pease.

'A man's brain needs variety. This is why men love novelty factors like sexy lingerie in a monogamous relationship.Most women know the effect lingerie has on men although few understand why it is so powerful. One American study has shown that women who wear a variety of erotic lingerie have generally much more faithful men than women who prefer white cotton underwear'

Using all sorts of accessories and love tools to increase intimacy in the bed. So far, I have silk scarves, lingerie, of course, candles... mood-lighting... I think those lamps that change through the pastel colours are really great.. now that's variety! Hold on though, girls, it can get quite dizzy...!

Lamps with pink(bulbs, shades of scarf wrapped around them) it is the most flattering light ;)

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