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I am Sheherazade. I am here to guide you on how to captivate your husband and to inspire you to release your inner feminine being, the one who is comfortable in herself to add that mysteriously feminine touch to her marriage; to make the bond she shares with him deeply intimate and enveloping.

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Being proud to be the woman you were created.

I see many ladies who resent being a woman.

They resent having to groom themselves and having to pay attention to the finer details that men don't have to worry about. ‘Oh man have it easy!’ they tell me. ‘They can just put anything old shirt on and still look okay. But for us? We have got it so hard!’ and they moan for hours on end about how much they have to do to... hair removal, finding the right types of clothes etc.

We are women and were created with shapely bodies. Praise be to God for creating us in such a unique and beautiful form. A woman should be proud of the way she has been formed, and take the job of self-grooming seriously. It will enhance her beauty, and emphasise her soft and delicate body. Women have been created differently from men, and we should delight in that fact. Sure a man can take 5 minutes in the shower, and get changed in 5... but where is the satisfaction in that for a woman? A woman can go into the same bathroom, and spend at least 15 minutes... exfoliating her skin, applying oil treatments to her hair, and rubbing creams on her feet and return to her bedroom taking at least another 10 minutes choosing an outfit that will flatter her body, choosing a perfume that suits her mood, moisturising her soft skin, and leave the same room with soft skin, silky hair, nimble-footed and smelling like flowers.  Now isn’t that a beauty to behold?  Which makes her man rejoice in his good fortune, and praise the Creator for giving him such a beautiful wife. (...and also wonder what on earth she did in that bathroom!) She takes time each day to groom herself appropriately – one day she applies some hair oil, the next a manicure... one day she removes he superfluous hair, and the next she exfoliates her body.

She views this time as precious – a retreat from the hustle and bustle of life. A woman should delight in choosing the right wardrobe – using colours and styles which bring out her best, and by using fabrics which suit her the most. She should choose her wardrobe with a keen eye, knowing that is she is careless, she will not look her best, which is something that she celebrates. It doesn’t mean she is extravagant. Just that she takes care in how she looks, and enjoys it as a part of who she is. She loves her husband, for his simplicity and efficiency, but when it comes to herself, she loves all that she has to do to keep herself looking beautiful.

Be proud to be the woman you were created.

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