Arabian Nights

I am Sheherazade. I am here to guide you on how to captivate your husband and to inspire you to release your inner feminine being, the one who is comfortable in herself to add that mysteriously feminine touch to her marriage; to make the bond she shares with him deeply intimate and enveloping.

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Seductive Moods

Dear Seductive Madien, 

You are dressed in a way that enhances your features, your bedroom gives out seductive messages, through its soft lighting and sensuous aromas.... and your man comes to the bedroom with his comic, ready for a quick read and off to bed.

He looks over at you, and you are lying in bed wearing a red satin gown, reading a book... he toys with the idea of instigating a romantic discourse.... but he takes another look at his book... and he's sold his soul to Palestinian Politics.

You look at him and smile, lean forward and brush your soft lips on his earlobe, so he can smell your perfume... he inhales in deeply, sighs contentedly, sinks into his deep pillow, and starts to read his book.

What could be better? A sexy wife besides him smelling of flowers, and warm cosy bed and a fantastic read.... this is the life! In his comfort and pleasure, he reads for 10 minutes, feels drowsy, the book slips out of his hand, and he slips into a deep slumber.

And what of the beautiful pretty wife? What does she feel? She is content and peaceful. She is feminine and sweet-smelling, and she is open to all advances of intimacy. She knows she possesses the power of seduction - she knows that every image of her, from a single bared shoulder to the lace on her nightdress... and even the softest, lightest touch she brushes on her man's body, has a lasting effect. She knows that if he wants her, he will come to her, and she is vulnerable to that but totally content in being the seductress she is.

This is her foreplay... she plans it softly and subtly.. over a course of days and weeks, and her rewards are of the highest fulfilment. She makes it look like nothing is going on... Interestingly, so does he. But he notices every touch and movement just as acutely as she does, as she orchestrates it.

Yours ever,


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