Arabian Nights

I am Sheherazade. I am here to guide you on how to captivate your husband and to inspire you to release your inner feminine being, the one who is comfortable in herself to add that mysteriously feminine touch to her marriage; to make the bond she shares with him deeply intimate and enveloping.

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Setting the Scene: Part 2 – The Bedroom

Hello, my darlings.  I would like to bring to your attention the love room – The room where most of your intimate relations will take place.  How is it – is it welcoming, alluring?  Does it compliment you as a woman?

Make your bedroom a place of mystery and intrigue.  Make it a place where the husband comes up in wonderment.  Use candles, fresh flowers (unless you suffer from hay fever, achoo!) burn sweet and seductive oils, and invest in some string flower lighting.  These can be your ‘love lights’ which you can use to create an atmosphere of femininity.

Even if your whole house is a mess – let that not affect the beauty of your sanctuary.

Women of the ages have spent painstaking hours perfecting the location of their mirrors, flowers and lighting to ensure that it compliments their own womanhood – do certain colours flatter your body?  Use those coloured bulbs.  Use bedsheets that compliment you – if you don't suit brown, then don't buy brown sheets.

Always have fresh sheets.  The moment they start to look or smell less than 100%, it's time to change them.

When this stage is ready, and so are you – let the magic begin...

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