A little ray of light

May 01, 2021

This is a repost of an article that was first published on Cherished and Successful on April 7, 2020

One morning, the sun, as was his daily practice, sought permission from his Lord to rise, and as it climbed high into the sky, one part of his brightness lit up and beamed down on the earth.

It travelled through the cosmos, entering the earth’s atmosphere, burst through the clouds and as a little ray of light. It travelled all the way down towards the land, passing the landscapes of the world, coming toward Europe, and continued to shine beautifully all the way down to sunny England.

As it continued to shine down, it travelled towards London, the heart of the country, and found it self directed, as if by divine command, to shine on, over to a little town called Hayes.

As the little ray of light descended, SMACK! it hit, in the most dazzling of ways, right onto the windowpane of a little dear home, where resided a young beautiful lady, quaint and tranquil in her peaceful abode – yet that morning she had a bit of a headache.

As the little ray of light permeated through the window, it gently kissed another surface which caused the little darling ray to shatter into a rainbow of dazzling colours, each one of them being a part of her. And as the rainbows were born, they shone onto the ceiling of that dear little home where the young lady sat, with her headache, in a state of discomfort.

The rainbows on her ceiling filled her with so much delight, peace and beauty, that she found it difficult to articulate. Not wanting to forget the moment, she took and photo and sent it to her friend. The little ray of light was created that morning by Al Musawwir, who created it just for the young lady to see. He created that little ray of light so she would recognise Him through it. And she did.

She connected to Al Musawwir through a little ray of light.

Ya Musawwir, Anta Musawwir

Oh, Designer, You are the designer

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