A Prayer Book

Apr 28, 2022

Last night on the 27th of Ramadan, I wrote my prayers, the Cherished Muslimah way.  I wrote my prayers to Allah using His beautiful names, and I asked for what I needed through those names.  And as I wrote them, i complied them together and made them into an ebook,  as you do.....

Here is the Cherished Muslimah Prayer Book - 144 prayers, 12 prayers for each of the 12 habits, calling upon Allah for what we need, to build on all 12 of the Cherished Muslimah habits, which are:

1. Connecting to Your Purpose
2. A Balanced Life
3. Guardianship
4. Gratitude
5. Self-Care
6. Giving Love
7. Respecting Others
8. Self-Respect
9. Self-Discipline
10. Communication
11. Healing
12. Time

I hope you find the Prayer Book beneficial, please do forward it to whoever you feel will benefit. Click here to download it.

Have blessed final days of Ramadan, and remember me in your prayers too.

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