A Summery Month of Giving Love

Aug 02, 2021

Dearest Cherished Readers,

Those who know me closely, know I love speaking in different accents. This time, I did start off Dear Reader with a posh Julie Andrews voice however quickly moved into a Scottish lassie accent, having just returned home after a beautiful week away in Bonnie Scotland, so recent it is, that I have grains of sand in my journal which I am refusing to remove. Sorry, Anne of Green Gables, I don’t care if my sandy notebook is making my writing scratchy. It’s a reminder of the good times.

Looking back

Self-care is not just for July

We have big July goodbye! It was the month of Self-Care, but, as was discussed in the Cherished Seasons Facebook group recently that doesn’t mean self-care is over, nor are our self-care photo shares!

Inspiring Cherished Muslimahs

We have one of our Cherished Muslimahs inspiring her with her gym work, and another ensuring we get our Eid Henna put on before Eid. I have personally decided that Eid Henna should be scheduled for two nights before Eid day so one can spend the night before Eid with family. (Although the party and takeaway we had were fun, it is a bit hectic when the next day is Eid). So two days before the day of Eid is officially Cherished Muslimah Henna night. For both Eids. Intending self-care. Intending worship!

Hajj reopens

We passed the days of Hajj, and we even had a Cherished Muslimah blessed to go there! How beautiful! I received a picture from her outside the Masjid of The Messenger of Allah ﷺ that she took today, how beautiful it is that Hajj is restarting, albeit a quiet Hajj. That sounds like an oxymoron!

Self-care needs boundaries

Here’s something that comes up each year when we take a deep look into self-care: if we don’t have boundaries with our family members, we won’t be able to self-care. So this month we spent some time exploring how to set healthy boundaries and how to communicate them to our close family members.

Sunnah & Self Care

We had a brilliant turnout for our Sunnah & Self-Care session with myself and Ustadah Shaista Maqbool. Over 50 ladies attended, even though we sent out a load of incorrect links! Thank you to everyone who attended. You can watch the replay here for free. (please sign up for the Evolve Portal for free here if you haven’t already done so, or you won't be able to access it)

The month of lovin’

This month is all about Giving Love to others. It’s time to focus on how we can give more love to others! We are going to be focusing on how we can be more loving using the love languages others prefer as opposed to how we want to give love. We are also going to explore how to give love intimately to our husbands, for the married women in Cherished Seasons. It’s time to glam up our clothes, perfume, put away the Wintergreen oil and get out some oils of passion!

Come and join us in the Cherished Muslimah Sisterhood and take part in the discussions!

Dates for your diary

As we start the new month, I want to give you some dates for your diary. Please note, we are changing the days around, as our Cherished Seasons coaching day is changing. We are trying to accommodate everyone’s needs but it’s not easy. So, we have some shuffling of days going on – including the Chai & Chat day. All times are London times and will be hosted in the Cherished Muslimah private Facebook group and aired live on Zoom.

Also, do watch this space, some beautiful changes are coming up in the next few months!

So here are August’s dates for your diary:

Moon Release and Tranceform (that’s tomorrow!)

Tuesday, 3 August 5:00 – 6:00pm (London)

New Moon Intentions

Monday, 9 August 7:00 – 8:00 pm (London)

Full Moon Rendezvous & Reflection

Wednesday, 22 August 7:00 – 9:00 pm (London)

I hope to see you there!

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