A Year of Cherished Living

Feb 04, 2020

This is a repost of an article that was first published on Cherished and Successful on 4 Feb 2020

I’m so excited to share my news with you! As most of you know, my online coaching and workshops have both been dormant on the back-burner for many years – while I was trying to get my material sorted – yes it has taken this long!  But alhamduliLlah, it has all come together so perfectly.  I am so grateful and appreciative to Allah for sending me everything.   From the amazing Beacon Books who approached me, not the other way round and got me to wake up from my sleeping beauty state to the amazing way the whole coaching model has fallen into place so beautifully, with Allah, The Designer and Fashioner, sorting all out for me beforehand and it was just there for me to notice!

You might be wondering what I’m talking about – let me tell you.  It all started, as most things do, with love… and that’s when I was a Surrendered Wife and Fascinating Woman, yet I was missing some important traits in my life – and then I discovered flexibility, (which I later realised was wisdom) which is so desperately needed as I was so set in being fascinating, girly and non-controlling! And in doing so, I knew there was an element missing, and found it one night in The Dower House where I did my NLP training with New Oceans whilst reading a book from the library.  It was fierceness – that’s what was what I was missing – I later realised it was justice or warrior-energy.

And so the journey continued!  Eventually, what started off as just love became four traits.  I wrote my book, split it up into four sections and gave each section 3 chapters.   Little did I know that The Fashioner was designing my course for me – I just thought I was organising my work into categories to make it look tidy.

Once the book was published and I had time to start re-designing my course, I discovered something profound… I can’t tell you how it happened, I can't even remember! However, what I realised was this:  I had four traits – and there are four seasons in the year.  And the traits fit in perfectly to the seasons like a glove – of course they did, The Fashioner and Designer always design things perfectly, doesn’t he?

Four Seasons of Traits

Leadership – Spring – new beginnings, new resolve
Love – Summer – a time for manifestation
Justice – Autumn – a time to gather and organise

Wisdom -  Winter  - a time to stop and reflect

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Isn't that beautiful? (And it fits is perfect with the seasons of the womb which I have been studying with the lovely Rabiah Mahli.  More on that later!)

Well alhamduliLlah if that wasn’t enough, there was more.   As I mentioned, I had three chapters per trait, which totalled twelve, and one day, I realised, as if I didn’t already know, that there are twelve months in the year!  Come on, doesn’t this all seem so obvious? How perfect to have one habit to cultivate per month? As I said, Allah, The Creator, had sorted all this out for me!

Finally, the cherry on the cake.  My book was published in December and the workbook is being published inshaAllah this month (February), and if I was to start a year-long course, shouldn’t that have started in January?  Of course not!  Allah, The Gatherer, is far too perfect for these sort of ‘glitches’.  The course was not to start in January, as Leadership was in the season of Spring, and that starts in March, doesn’t it?  Of course it does!

InshaAllah, I've set up the online community that I will run my year-long online course from, check it out here. The sisterhood is almost ready to welcome you! If you are interested in cultivating the twelve habits of a Cherished Muslimah then what are you waiting for?  Send me a message, let’s get you started! Each month we will be focusing on cultivating one habit, with a monthly group coaching session, as well as regular motivation, inspiration and discussions to cultivate the habit of the month. And of course, it is a private, ladies-only community where you can choose your own username and can remain anonymous to everyone else, should you want to.

Are you interested?  I know you are!  Send me a message here to get more information on how and when to join - or check out the joining details here!

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