A Month of Filling Your Love Wells

Apr 01, 2022

Welcome to April, the month of creating Balance! 

If you find your life has become boring and monotonous, and feel disconnected from your dreams and true potential, then it could well be that your life is out of balance.  And that is why we are focusing on reprioritising and reconnecting to the different areas of our lives this month! 

If you are a Muslim woman that wants to revamp her life, then this month is your time to blossom so you can work towards rekindling your inner Light! This month I will be showing Cherished Muslimah how to create more balance in their personal, spiritual and relational lives, and in my membership programme, Cherished Seasons will spend the month of April focusing on ensuring our love-wells are filled. 

Overfocusing and Neglecting

When we focus on one area of our life, e.g., our relationship, our children or our career, not only do we neglect other parts of ourselves (and this, ourselves) but we also over-fill the areas of our life that we focus too much on.  So, we end up bickering with our spouse, becoming helicopter parents or workaholics. 

By ensuring that we focus on all areas of our lives we can re-distribute our energies to the parts of us that need it the most… and that’s what I will be showing you! In Cherished Seasons, we focus on cultivating one habit per month - if you want to join us, you can do that here. 

Looking back 

We have bid farewell to March, where we had the first-ever Cherished Muslimah Retreat, in collaboration with Femrevive and I enjoyed a week away in Konya celebrating mine and Jawad’s 25th wedding anniversary mashallah.  We also had the first Four Traits Book Club – and so many ladies shared how they had either gotten married or devoted all of their youth to their children and homes, and now we're ready to evolve further! 

Sadly, we have also entered another time of war, as if the current wars were not already enough.  This has caused so many of us to feel sad, and hurt at the same time - when we see the stark biases and inequality in the world.  For the first time, I have had enough strength to talk about how it has affected me, and my teacher, Shaykh Sulayman Van Ael spoke about it candidly yet fairly, which brought a sense of peace, humain-ness (is that a word?) and justice to my heart.

Yet, we must continue on, doing our best, and filling the world with our Light.  This month in Cherished Seasons, ladies connected to the importance of getting their needs met and how to create healthy time-outs when they were overwhelmed in their conversations. 

And as we enter April, we also welcome Ramadan, a month of fasting and meeting Allah at every sunset. 

This month 

Come and join us this month as we cultivate a life that is balanced in the four merciful traits of leadership, love, justice and wisdom. We will be having our 2nd book-club session (register here)

Why don’t you also use this month of springtime freshness to re-evaluate which areas of your life need the most attention (and which could do with less!) – and give your life a makeover!

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