Celebrating the Queen

Jun 02, 2022

Today we have a public bank holiday in the UK, to celebrate the Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth - The Queen will become the first British Monarch to celebrate a Platinum Jubilee after 70 years of service.

Yet for many of us, this celebration is saturated with the history of colonialism, and the knowledge that so many countries, (including Pakistan, where my parents were born) are affected to this day by White Supremecy, where English traditions are lauded and admired, and indigenous cultures are seen as backward or inferior.

So many of us have a problem with Queen Energy, as we get triggered by such memories and the reality of the British Monarchy. But on this day of celebrating the Queen, I invite you, dear readers, to explore real Queen energy.

What makes a Queen?

We can feel let down when the Queen doesn't rule with fairness and responsibility - because a Queen makes sure those under her jurisdiction are cared for.

A Queen isn't detached from the needs of her people. She knows what goes on in her land, and is well connected to her people.

She doesn't absolve herself from making decisions. She makes decisions for her realm, regardless if others are unhappy with it.

She doesn't just sit in her palace and not 'mingle with the commoners'. A Queen is connected to her realm and makes time for them.

She doesn't rule with tyranny or force. She upholds fairness and justice as her personal standards and holds everyone accountable.

She isn't a mute Queen - she speaks up and enforces change.

A Queen has firm boundaries, and is respectful of others too, with grace and decorum, always.

She wears the finest clothes and perfumes. She values herself.

She doesn't throw tantrums if she doesn't get her own way, she isn't a drama queen (although she can be if she is over-expressed) - she is The Queen!


This Jubilee weekend, connect to your own Queen energy!




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