Connect Through Allah’s Names

Mar 10, 2021

 This is a repost of an article that was first published on Cherished and Successful in March 2020

This is an article from The Divine Names Series.

A Cherished Muslimah does everything as an act of worship because that is the reason she was created.  She draws closer to Allah by connecting to Him through His 99 beautiful names; by striving to reflect the meanings of His names, or by submitting to them.

This March, cultivate your leadership trait by connecting to your purpose and submitting to Allah through His names of majesty and sovereignty.  Here are 12 divine names which can help us to connect to our purpose in all of your roles that you perform and areas of your life, such as going to work, being a mother, doing self-care, meeting friends, etc.

1. Do everything to please Al-Malik (4) – the king and ruler

Whenever you do what you do, at home, or at work, or with your family, remember that Allah is the one true king and ruler, therefore, submit to His commands and do everything within His framework.

2. Do everything for the sake of Al-Mutakabbir (11)  – without thinking ‘why me?’

He is the one who is elevated above all, in terms of rights, privileges and attributes. In mankind, such elevation would be seen as pride, yet with Allah, understand that He is elevated in rank, nobility, knowledge and rights and submit to His elevation. 1

3. Create love and harmony in your home while submitting to Al-Khāliq (12) – the perfect creator

He is the one who created you and all those around you. When you are connected to your purpose, you can create a home and life of love and happiness, whilst knowing that Allah is the one who has created everything perfectly and you can submit to His perfect proportioning. This will helps you understand your loved ones, and why they behave the way they do – they have all be given characteristic, strengths weaknesses from Al-Khaliq – the perfect creator.

4.  Embrace your leadership roles while submitting to Al-Alī (37) – the high, above whom there is no rank or status

Allah has honoured you to be a leader as has given you positions of responsibility, strengths and defining characteristics. When you connect to your purpose, remember that no leader is above Al-Ali, the high, who is above all. This can help you to be humble when leading, reminding you that no matter how powerful beyond measure you strive to be, you will always be in submission to Al-Ali.

5. Embrace your strengths as a leader while submitting to Al-Kabīr (38) – the great

Allah has bestowed us with praiseworthy attributes of rank, nobility, knowledge, and rights, yet remember that Al-Kabir, the one who is great in essence and existence, without comparison. Allow Allah’s name Al-Kabir to humble you: you may have been given these privileges by Him, yet no one is able Him.

6. Do everything in your life for the pleasure of Al-Mājid (66) – The majestic, glorious, noble and beautiful

In all that you do, be a reflection of the meaning of this name, do everything you do with nobility, generosity and beauty.

7.  Live your life your way, but know that Al-Wahid (67) is truly the unique

Remember that Allah has created you with a unique personality and character traits, yet you will often share some of your strengths and weaknesses with others.  No matter how successful you are as a leader, remember that other’s may share some of these attributes that you have.  Submit to Al-Wahid’s uniqueness and one-ness and let it help you to accept that His ways and His plans are the best.

8. Lead for one purpose – Al-Ahad (68) – He is the one.  The one that you do everything for

Al-Ahad is the one. The one you do everything for.  The one you lead for, the one you smile for, the one you the laundry for.  He is also the one who does everything for you.  He nourishes you, he protects you, he gives to you. When leading, make Al-Ahad your one true purpose.

9. Know that all ranks are in submission to Al-Muta’ali (78) – elevated above all

Allah has blessed all of us with ranks and given some more important than others. Mothers have been given a higher rank than fathers.  Men have been given more strength than women. Women have been given wombs and the honour of giving birth. Prophets have been given higher ranks than ordinary people.  The companions of the Messenger of Allah were given honour above the rest of the Muslims. Yet Al-Muta’ali is highest in rank.  He is lofty, exalted and eminent.  Submit to Al-Muta’ali whenever you are in a position higher than anyone else in your rank, nobility, knowledge and rights.

10. Live your life in submission to Al-Mālik Al-Mulk (84) – The Possessor of all the world

Allah is the possessor of all the world. He makes the rules that we submit to. We serve him the way He wants to be served and ensure that our actions, words and bodies adhere to His rulings. When you are the leader/queen/king of your own body, and when you submit to Al-Malik al Mulk, you only allow it to do what it was created to do: to worship Allah.

11. Surrender to Dhul Jalal Wal Ikram (85) – The possessor of majesty and generosity

Connect your purpose by acknowledging the majesty of Allah.  He is majestic and generous – and you are His slave and representative on this earth. Make Him proud of you by doing everything impeccably.  Be the best wife, mothers, daughter, sister and friend that you can be, knowing that you are the slave of Dhul Jalal Wal Ikram!

12. Do your best for the sake of Ar-Rashīd (98)

Allah is Ar-Rashīd (98) – He who does the best.  Be a reflection of the meaning of this name by endeavouring to do your best. Whichever situation you find yourself in, ask yourself how you can best please Him and worship Him.

To conclude: when we connect to our purpose through Allah’s names of majesty and sovereignty we do things for Him as He is our king, the one who is high above all and who has all the power.  We do everything in surrender and submission to Him, creating our own lives in ways that please Him while being humble, knowing He is the great and high and the one we do everything for.

Happy submitting and surrendering, oh cherished ones!





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