Cypress - The Oil of Motion and Flow

Feb 10, 2021

Guest Post from Dawn Sabeeha Hinson, Wellness & Wellbeing Advocate

We are in the season of winter, and in the Cherished Seasons course, the habit for February is Time. And as we do each month, we have chosen the doTERRA oil-of-the-month for this month’s habit – which is Cypress - the oil of motion and flow.

Why Cypress?

Firstly, because Cypress is a tree oil. Trees are never in a hurry - they live in the moment and are grounded. They remind us that there are seasons and cycles for all things. They are a testimony of generational wisdom, how strength, growth, and maturity come from the passing of time, and how each generation brings gifts of new life, growth, and beginnings. Trees show us that with time we grow taller and stronger and live longer.

And no single seed is there within the darkness’s of the earth or anything moist or dry but that it is [written] in a clear record.

Surah Al An’am (6:59)

Why the oil of motion and flow?

Cypress teaches us to let go of the past and allow emotions to flow so we can move forward in life. Cypress assists us in letting go of control and in having complete trust in Allah’s perfect timing. Using Cypress helps us to be flexible and shows us life will unfold naturally rather than forcing things to happen.

When we feel the need to control, we stop the natural flow, leaving us emotionally stagnant and stuck. Cypress teaches us that life flows effortlessly and cherishes each moment in its perfect timing, inviting us to let go of control and live in the here and now.

Oil Affirmations

Essential oils can be used in combination with affirmations and Cherished Muslimah’s other healing resources to facilitate transformation

You can use the following affirmations as positive reminders to say to yourself when applying/massaging the oils on your body.

I can release control

I am perfectly provided for during this time of change

I am open to new and different outcomes

I can trust that this event will help me on my journey.

I have the power to choose

I trust that everything is coming together for my good

I can move forward in confidence and faith.

I can move with the flow of life.

Using Oils Purposefully

As Cherished Muslimahs, we do everything as an ibadah (worship) We also can become grounded in the here and now through Allah’s beautiful names.

Cypress reminds us that Allah is the best of planners, and we submit to His timings and plans He is Al Raqib - the one who observes and watches at all times and sees our every striving.

A Cherished Muslimah submits to His timings and plans, knowing that whatever seeds of change that she plants are all in servitude to Him, and only He knows if they will grow into something or not.

Cherished Seasons: Time eBook

Remember my cherished sisters Al-Alim is the One who knows everything about the past, present, and the future. Trust that He knows all you strive for and find comfort in this knowledge.

Prayerful Oils

You can also combine Allah’s names and affirmations prayerfully to ask Allah to give you what you want, through the strength of His name:

Oh Alim, help me to trust that everything is coming together for my good

Oh Raqib, help me to trust that this event will help me on my journey.

Ways to use


  • Inhale from the bottle
  • Diffuse in an ultrasonic diffuser
  • Place 1 to 2 drops in the palm of your hand rub together and inhale deeply for 3 to 4 breaths

Topical use

  • Apply 1 to 3 drops as directed over your heart
  • Apply 1 to 2 drops along your spine or bottoms of the feet

In closing

Allow Cypress to ground you in the here and now, allowing all events to flow perfectly and trusting in the timing of the As Sabur, the ever-patient. Be present – and look forward to an imperfectly perfect future.

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