Ertugrul Part 1 - The Warrioress

Mar 03, 2021
I was spotted!
The other day I popped into the Coaching Cert Service Desk to ask about something, and on my way out, Ela Wassell stopped me and told me that my Zoom video was next to hers when we were embodying the Warrioress, and she was really impressed with my Warrioress embodiment, to which point I laughed with DELIGHT, as I had actually been embodying the warrioresses from the Turkish Netflix series Ertugrul – actually, I was imagining I was Halime Sultan, the mother of Osman, founder of the Ottoman Empire.
The series was around 500 episodes long, and I watched every one without forwarding a single scene (but I admit I covered my ears and closed my eyes a good few times), in doing so – I really connected and fell in love with the characters. I finished the series about 3 weeks ago, and cried when it was over!
‘Ertugrul: glorifies valour and bravery, but also warmth and tenderness.’
Once I had finished watching them all – which took me over two years – I watched some behind the scenes videos on YouTube, which included a medley of all the women of the Kayi tribe fighting. Ahh… the Kayi women – they were the embodiment of tribal femininity – with their heavy long dresses and bejewelled and beaded headdresses, allowing their husbands to save the day, yet the moment any enemy, woman or man, attacked their tents, they were quick to draw their swords fight and kill for their people and tribe.
The Kayi women were true warrioresses – and their men were warriors. They would sacrifice their lives and children to their cause, and they oozed femininity, softness and unwavering courage.
During my One of Many Coaching Certification Intensive, I imagined I was Halime, I barred my teeth and rotated my wrists with an imagined heavy sword in my hand, I stabbed through the heart, I chopped off heads, and then hey, why not, I took on another sword and did a two-handed number just like the warrior Bamsi!
And I’m so so happy that Ela was watching! Bless you, Ela! You saw me being a Turkish warrioress!

I’ve wanted to write about my experiences of watching Ertugrul, and after Ela’s request to post the videos in the One of Many Coaches’ Facebook group, I thought it was the perfect time to start writing about Ertugrul, and why not start, as we always do at One of Many, with the Warrioress!
Enjoy these Hatuns (Ladies, with a capital L) – they epitomise Soft Power for me.

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