Fill up your love-wells

Apr 09, 2022

This is a repost of an article that was first published on Cherished and Successful on 10 Aug 2020

Do you have any love wells in your inner garden? These are little water-wells that contain all the love that is within you.  Make a conscious effort to create more wells, and to ensure they are filled regularly.

Your love-wells fill up with all the blessings you have. Be grateful in your life for all the good that comes your way, from Allah and from others too!  A Cherished Muslimah uses every opportunity to thank others for the love they give her and spends some time each evening for #gratitude.

 Your love-wells also have all of your self-care reserves within them. Each time you do something special for yourself, be that something relaxing, feminine, fun or that feels good, you fill up your love-well. Each time you do #selfcare, you are filling up your love well!

Dip into them and withdraw from them when you want to give back love to the world. Filling up your love-wells will help you draw from them when you need to give love! Use your loving blessings and give them back to the world, like the whirling dervishes ‘mevladan al, mevlaya ver – take from your Master, give back to your Master’.

Enjoy your love-wells!

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