Four Seasons of Cherished Living

Feb 05, 2020

This is a repost of an article that was first published on Cherished and Successful on 5 Feb 2020 

The four traits align perfectly with the four seasons.

Spring is all about leadership, a time for new beginnings and new growth.

Summer is for love... and manifestation, enjoying the fruits of one's labour. It's a time for busy-ness and activity.  

Autumn is the season of wisdom, listening to one's intuition, to what the body and soul are saying.  It is a time of colourful change.

And finally, winter is the season of justice, of keeping safe, wrapping up and being protected against the elements.

In order to manifest each of the traits, three corresponding habits (per trait) must necessarily be cultivated.  If you are missing any one of these habits, that trait will be imbalanced.

In the Cherished Muslimah Sisterhood we will be focusing on cultivating one habit per month, and starting this Spring 2020 we will begin A Year of Cherished Living.  Here is the monthly calendar:

Step into Spring - Leadership

March – Begin With Purpose
April – Blooming Balance
May – Guardianship Growth

Summer of Love - Love

June – Endless Gratitude
July – Summery Self-Care
August – Abundant Giving

Autumn Awareness - Wisdom

September – Protecting Hearts - Respecting Others
October – Protected with Boundaries - Self-Respect
November – A Restorative Balance - Self-Discipline

Protective Winter - Justice

December – Communication Change
January – A Healing Garden
February –  Endless Time

Come and join me and other ladies in the sisterhood, where I will be sharing how you can cultivate the habit of the month.  I will be sharing videos, coaching exercises and taking part in discussions with the sisterhood, with an online monthly group coaching session, and over the course of the year, starting this spring, we will go through the seasons and ground our selves in these beautiful, nourishing habits, so we can all be empowered, strong, loving Muslimahs, and be cherished by Allah!  To find out more about joining the sisterhood and becoming a monthly member, sign up here.

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