Goodbye 2021

Dec 20, 2021

Saying goodbye to a most eventful year filled with blessings.

What a year it has been! I am so grateful to have met some absolutely amazing people—new friends, coaches, and teachers. Since September, life has done another 180 with all the boys at uni and me at home with Jawad and Hannah.  Jawad and I have entered that phase as parents where we have had to surrender to the independence of adult sons; it’s liberating, scary, a relief and heartbreaking at the same time! 

I became a One of Many Certified Women’s Coach! 

It was a gruelling yet beautiful experience to be connected to women who live and breathe archetypal energy. And to take that forward and bring it to the Cherished Muslimahs is my greatest pleasure.  I’ve brought all of my learning and fused them with The Four Traits of a Cherished Muslimah and am slowly delivering it through my Cherished Seasons membership programme.  

Hannah has got a place in Lady Nafisa School for September 2022!

She will be starting year 7 with the new intake, be surrounded by beautifully strong Muslim women and girls, and I will be able to start a new life as a full-time coach that won’t be homeschooling in every free moment.  That really took its toll on me, and I’m really grateful to focus the next two terms on her, reassured by the fact that come September I will be able to focus on areas that I am currently going to incubate.  

My VA came and went; I’ve had an Instagram makeover and (hopefully) got my stuff together.

I was blessed to have a virtual assistant helping me since February.  She got me through my training and practicals, and now it’s time to simplify and do things by myself. And in order to do things in a more straightforward way, I had an Instagram makeover!  I had a lovely lady design my social templates using the fonts and styles I like, and you will see a softer, pastel look in Cherished Muslimah! I hope you love it as much as I do.  

I’m so grateful to everyone who supported me, encouraged me and pushed me further.

 I am supported by so many beautiful people.  From my wonderful family and friends, the Cherished Muslimah team, who have been my sounding board and support, my coaches and trainers who have held me accountable and also held me gently as they guided and probed me. Through this support, I have been able to become a better coach and am on my way to becoming a couples therapist.  I am so grateful and excited for the times coming! 

A new year with three boys at uni, me coaching and enjoying the last two seasons of homeschool with Hannah.

 So, for now, I’m wrapping things up, sorting out my calendar for the new year, and switching off as I prepare the house for the boys to come home for the Christmas holidays while I sit with them and knit by the candlelight and twinkle lights, eating nourishing food that I cook for them… ah, alhamdulillah, it sounds so hygge. 

Switching off till the new year, but Cherished Seasons coaching continuing over the holidays. 

So I bid you all farewell for 2021; I hope you all stay safe and well, enjoy the end of year break, and I do hope that you get to rest too.  I will have the Cherished Seasons group coaching sessions over the holidays, but other than that, I wish you a happy holiday!

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