Nov 17, 2021

This is a repost of an article that was first published on Cherished and Successful on February 18, 2010.

Dear Self.

This is a plea that you intervene
And stop what’s going on

Things cannot continue like this
We need relief and we are
Getting it.

We feel let down, who can we turn to
But you?
It leaves us bewildered
You can let things be
In this unsatisfactory state.

I hurt
and wish for respite
Yet you keep me working
Day and night

I have too much to carry,
The emotional strain of this overload
Has to stop.

I feel abused by those
who you care for so much,
and sadly I also feel abused by you.

Dear Self

Unlike you, we cannot endure this further.
So we will take matters into our own hands.
Where you could just say no,
you carry ongoing,
so we will allow you to do that
but will stomp and curse while you do it.

Where you could have protected us
yet went along with the tide
We will be hostile
and be distant from all those around you.

Cutting remarks
Short fuse
Sarcastic comments.

Oh we have many a tactic up your sleeve
And we will use them all
To make a stand!
Things have to stop!
Things have to change!
You can’t keep on doing this to us,
To yourself.

Don’t you see we’ve been doing this for
So long!
You fail to see we are making a point
Things are not right inside
We are all suffering
Yet you don’t recognise our limitations
Your own limitations
And you work us
To the bone
And we won’t take it.

To get you to stop
We start to burn up
Instead of conserving your energy
We let it run dry
We have the power to keep you at your peak
But if you won’t play fair
Then we will play harsh

Chest infections
Cold Sores
Knee aches
And we keep your precious eggs safe from your own harm
And insist that you bring no other into this world.
Until you first sort us out
Sort yourself out.

Stop. Halt.
Time out.
If you would but take a short break
To allow us to breathe.

And until you do,
We will continue on red alert
Blood raging
how could you do this to us?
We are your body,
your mind and soul
Yet you give to others before giving to us!

Just say no!
Meet our needs first!

Or we will snap and hiss and spit at all those who go by!
Only to get you to see how


We are

And we beseech you to just


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