Inner Tranquillity Diffuser Blend

Jan 22, 2021

Guest Post by Dawn-Sabeeha Hinson, Cherished Muslimah's In House Wellness and Wellbeing Advocate.

This month being the month of healing at Cherished Seasons, we are focusing on healing the areas of our lives that stop us from growing.

Let’s see how the Earth Essentials Inner Tranquillity Diffuser Blend of Copaiba, Bergamot, Tangerine and Pink Pepper can help us to clear deep-rooted belief patterns that can hold our healing process back, and instead, bring us to a place of self-acceptance and high self-worth from a place of flexibility and creativity.

What’s in the blend

Copaiba: The Oil Of Unveiling

Copaiba oil works to unveil any past/present guilt or regret we are holding on to and helps us to feel worthy of forgiveness and love. Copaiba gently and compassionately helps us to shelter those negative feelings and release them when we are ready to let growth happen.

Copaiba’s gentleness reminds us that Allah is Ar Rahman and Ar Rahim and He is Ar Rauf the most tenderly merciful gentle and so when we use Copaiba, call upon Allah’s names, be merciful and kind to yourself as well.

Oh, Rahman, you are the merciful, show me how to be merciful to myself

Oh, Rahim, you are always merciful, give me the ability to be merciful to myself, always.

Oh, Rauf, you have the utmost, highest degree of compassion for me, help me to be like this towards myself.

Bergamot: The Oil of Self-Acceptance

Bergamot oil invites us to be optimistic; which is helpful as it is easy to feel insecure during our journey to healing. Bergamot has the amazing ability to help cleanse away stagnant feelings of ‘I am not good enough’ that come from limiting beliefs.

Because of its wonderful cleansing properties, this oil creates movement and flow and helps us to clear out our overgrown limiting beliefs.

I will focus on positive thoughts and allow myself to be cleansed

Tangerine: The Oil of Creativity

Tangerine oil teaches us not to be rigid with ourselves. Balancing all our four traits of Leadership Love Justice and Wisdom takes flexibility and creativity.

Tangerine assists us in being creative, while we create a space which will bring us healing. In the Cherished Seasons course, we are creating our very own boudoirs this month, where we can rest reflect and retreat. And so, use Tangerine to creatively design your safe space. What could you add to your room to make it cosier? Could you change things round to give your room a new lease of life? Use Tangerine to get creative!

I am flexible and open to change

Pink Pepper: The Oil of Equality

Pink pepper is a powerful spice oil that shows us how to let go of comparing or being judgemental. It teaches us to accept our self-worth and to be compassionate with ourselves and others.

I am at ease with who I am, accept others for who they are.

Diffuser Blend

Here’s how to make your diffuser blend:


Bergamot x 4 drops

Copaiba x 3 drops

Pink Pepper x 3 drops

Tangerine x 2 drop

Add water and above oils to a 200ml diffuser, and diffuse!

Rollerball Blend

You can also use these oils to make your own Inner Tranquillity Rollerball blend:


Take a 10ml empty rollerball bottle

Add 8 drops Bergamot, 6 drops of Copaiba, 6 drops of pink pepper and 4 drops of Tangerine.

Top up the rest of the bottle with fractionated coconut oil.

Shake and use on pulse points, i.e., wrists behind the ears back of the neck and over the heart

To Conclude:

Bring this Inner Tranquillity diffuser blend into your healing routines, whether that’s through deep breathing release, emotional tapping or hypnosis, and ask Al Mubdi, the one who starts things, to start your powerful healing journey. Why not diffuse this healing blend during the upcoming monthly Release and Tranceform sessions or other moments of healing.

Oh, Mubdi, you are the one who starts things, I ask you to help me to start my powerful healing journey!  Ameen!

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