I had an Instagram makeover!

Dec 16, 2021

I had an Instagram makeover!

In my excitement, I told my daughter Hannah, who looked at me surprised, and then drew an imaginary circle around her face with her finger and pointed to mine, enquiring if I had had a beauty makeover.


But no, it was not that sort!

Two weeks ago, I had a lovely lady give my Instagram feed a makeover; she helped me choose base colours, get clear on my fonts and flourishes, and set me up with a load of gorgeous templates that I can now use whenever I post!

I am so pleased to have these templates in place now, it’s made my content planning a lot easier, and I’ve started using ClickUp to create my standard operating procedures.  I feel very organised and efficient, a bit like the father from the original ‘Cheaper Than the Dozen’ movie when the father concludes triumphantly, stop watch in hand, that 'Yes, dear, I knew it! It is quicker to button-down one’s coat than button it up!' And it is quicker to post a blog and email when I have step by step procedures.

And to match the whole theme, I even got a new signature! I drew it on my tablet with my own hands; it’s not a font! 

I hope you enjoy my makeover as much as I am and that the pastel colours and glitter flourishes are a coolness to your eyes!

With a few flowers peeping out here and there and a golden swirl to finish,

Yours sweepingly,


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