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Feb 06, 2021

Dear Cherished Readers…

Amidst the flurry of preparations and last-minute things-to-do, I thought I would (and did!) go put on my hair dye to restore my youthful looks for the benefit of my family and my reflection in the mirror, make a cuppa and light a candle, put on my playlist on Spotify and write to you about something I’ve been meaning to share with you for months but haven’t seemed to have the words… 

There are big things happening here in the Malik House… and have been happening for a while - one specific big thing which happened around June 2020 is: I discovered the organisation that ticked all my boxes and I knew immediately that I wanted to be a part of: One of Many. 

It was a strange time – I had published my book, my NLP teacher Paul Jacobs passed away unexpectedly the August before, and I was spending more time with my other teacher Dee, sharing my book and future plans, whilst I kept her company during the long and boring sessions of her Chemotherapy. 😔  And when I found One of Many, I couldn’t wait to see her and tell her, but then lockdown started, and in June she left us, too. 😢

I didn’t get to tell her I had found some new teachers. An amazing women’s leadership organisation who – get this: coached through my same four traits. How funny that I had taken ten years to write a book on the same topic that was being taught in England by an amazing group of powerful and feminine women, led by an enthusiastic and inspirational Austrialian woman, Dr. Joanna Martin.

And so, in June I started a coaching certification to become a One of Many Certified Coach! And have been training with them since – it’s been wonderful, I’ve learnt so much more on traits and archetypes and how we can truly embody the archetypes of the  Queen, Lover, Warrioress and Wise-Woman, not to mention the mercy of the Mother archetype – our very connection to The Merciful, Allah, the mercy of the Messenger ﷺ  and the mercy that emanates from our wombspace towards ourselves and others. 

And this Monday I will be starting my online coaching intensive that will span over three weeks – I’m so, so excited! I’ve got my coaching manual through the post with a handy ‘do not disturb’ door hanger to let the family know I will be undergoing a period of transformation in my office! 

Jawad is being amazing, mashaAllah.  He has pretty much taken over the kitchen, groceries and laundry, and leaves me to do the stuff I’m best at – ironing, serving (I make meals look magical on a plate) and putting things away in their place.

After the intensive, I will be undergoing 12 weeks of practical coaching training, and taking four practice clients through the One of Many coaching programme – both me and my practice clients are so thrilled and can’t wait! As a result, my coaching calendar is super-packed so if you want to book your coaching sessions please do so in advance as I’m going to be really booked until June/July. Also, as I am going to be so preoccupied, I will not be offering any Discovery Calls until I’m certified – so if you want to start coaching, please book a normal coaching session so we can start working together!

After this, I will, by the will of Allah, be coaching and mentoring The Four Traits of a Cherished Muslimah from an even more enhanced place! One of Many offers a wealth of coaching tools, templates and audio recordings which I will be able to offer you, as my coachees – and I believe that certifying with them will allow me to give you a superior coaching experience and transformation! You will be able to really embody the four traits into your being and essence, so that you breathe, walk and speak leadership, love, justice and wisdom!

In a nutshell: I’m all juiced up!  Book your coaching sessions early so you aren’t left waiting too long and watch this space… awesome things are coming to Cherished Muslimah this year, InshaAllah! 

And now, I better go wash this hair dye off and transform into a younger woman…

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