Is 'The Four Traits of a Cherished Muslimah' only for married women?

Nov 25, 2019

This is a repost of an article that was first published on Cherished and Successful on 25 Nov 2019 

The Four Traits – namely: leadership, love, justice and wisdom are for everyone, whether you are married, single, male or female.  Yet, I wrote this book from the perspective of a married woman – because that’s who I am!  I regularly point out to all my new clients that I am not a marriage counsellor, I am a marriage coach.  I coach and mentor my clients to help them create the life they want and aspire to and the majority of my coaching comes through personal example, training and learning.

Despite this, the underlying principles of my book The Four Traits of a Cherished Muslimah are not just for married women, or even Muslim women, as the wisdoms contained within are universal and timeless in their application.  Since the beginning of time we have had examples of leaders, lovers, wise men and women and warriors.

This book is filled with the how-to’s of all four traits – and although there are specifically targeted sections on creating a balance with one’s spouse, on motherhood and physical intimacy, if you are single, you can choose to skip those parts – even though they may be informative for the future if/when you may get married, Allah willing.

The book is much more than those bits though, it's about leadership, guardianship and creating a balanced life and home.  A woman’s role given by Allah is to be a guardian over her home and children: she is the powerhouse that attracts connection in her home, and connecting to that power is a valuable skill for single women also.

The section on love teaches women how to receive love from one’s spouse, but can be applied to our loved ones also, and also covers self-care – which is a must for all of us and something most of have a tendency to neglect. The section on intimacy - obviously from a married perspective - can be quite a daunting and vulnerable area, and this book hopes to shed some clarity on those delicate matters. 

The section on wisdom covers communication, healing and the importance of time and seasons in any relationship, and this knowledge is useful for all women – and men as well!  The section on respect looks at respecting one’s husband and respecting yourself through boundaries – with others and yourself.  This skill is essential, and women who have healthy boundaries with their loved ones before getting married will find it easier to adapt them once married.

I am confident there are many parts of the book that single women will be able to identify with, yet at the same time, other parts may be alien to them, and that is why I am excited about writing about the book in my upcoming blog posts, as these posts will have specific sections addressing single women too.

I hope to be able to show all women and men how they can use the Four Traits to not just nourish their marriages but their lives as well. I will be talking about that in my next post: Why is the book written just for women?

So watch this space!

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