January - The Start of Healing

Jan 01, 2022

January is the month of Healing in Cherished Muslimah. It is a month where we can focus on what needs to change, honouring our wounds and past and giving ourselves space to heal. Start the new year afresh, and stop letting past hurts stop us from moving forward. 

If you want to stop being stagnant and start looking at moving forward, then this month’s focus on healing is for you. In this article, I am going to share four points to reflect on, which will help you on your healing journey.

Inner Child Healing 

This month in Cherished Seasons, we will be looking at why we need to heal and how we can do that.  Cherished Muslimahs focus on healing their Inner Child, who is carrying unresolved emotions and behaviours from the past, for us to deal with, and so this is the month of listening to our inner voice. Last month we focused on communicating and getting our words OUT. This month we are listening to what is going on inside. 

So often, we ignore our inner voice, who is there to alert us of danger or unfinished business. When we don’t listen, we end up behaving in ways that are simply not useful or effective – we become nasty, feel victimised or end up becoming the martyr – totally disempowered.  In Cherished Muslimah, we connect to our inner archetypal energies instead and provide our Inner Child with healing and acknowledgement and empowering ourselves with a new power in the present moment. 

Look where you need to heal 

This month take time out to truly reflect.  It is the ideal opportunity for you to start journaling if you aren't already.  Here are some questions to reflect on:

  • What areas of my life are stopping me from growing? Identify what it is in your life that hinders your growth and look for ways to remove these obstacles. These hindrances are like weeds in your inner garden – they will stop the good things from growing.
  • Which areas of my life cause me emotional, physical, spiritual pain? Identifying pain is the first step to planning to do things in a better way.
  • Am I holding onto certain values or beliefs that are no longer useful? Here are some common beliefs that can be particularly 'un-useful':
    • I must keep everyone happy
    • I shouldn't change because others won't like it
    • I don't have time to rest
    • It's okay for others to treat me badly
    • It's important to be patient, regardless of the cost
    • I should put others before myself
    • I can't help snapping at others when I'm upset
    • My family do things that have made me sick

If you find yourself holding particularly un-useful beliefs, it is important to work through them to align yourself with beliefs that would be more useful.

  • What is holding me back that I need to let go of? Sometimes we have complicated relationships that need adjusting; other times, we have emotions or values that we would be better off without.

Reflecting on healing is a bit like weeding your inner garden.  The more weeds you have in your garden, the less likely you will be able to grow anything there or enjoy it.  Start focusing on which weeds need removing, and work on the best way to do some inner clearing. 

Start your healing journey, and come and join us! 

Start to reflect on which areas of your life you get triggered or need healing, and come and join us in the Cherished Muslimah Sisterhood, where we can support you in your healing journeys, so you can connect more deeply with others and be empowered. 

Here’s to a new year where you can: 

  • Move forward in peace
  • Overcome the obstacles that get in the way of living your life
  • Take baby steps towards a new you
  • Balance any negative polarities in your traits
  • Help your husband/loved ones with his/their wounds
  • Utilise all of the support in your life
  • Cultivate an environment of healing 

Happy 2022!

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