Lime - The Oil of Zest for Life

Mar 17, 2021

Guest Post by Dawn-Sabeeha Hinson, Cherished Muslimah's In House Wellness and Wellbeing Advocate.

We are in the season of spring, and in the Cherished Seasons course, the habit for March is Purpose. And as we do each month, we have chosen the doTERRA oil-of-the-month for this month’s habit – which is Lime - the oil of zest for life.

Why Lime?

Firstly, because Lime has powerful cleansing and renewing properties especially for the heart. Lime essential oil can help us to connect to our purpose by renewing our intentions in everything that we do, so we can truly embrace life.

Through cleansing our hearts and renewing our intentions we can purposefully and prayerfully worship Allah and emulate His Messenger ﷺ becoming true Cherished Muslimahs.

Lime also teaches us to have courage whilst creating harmony and joy between the heart and mind and clearing the way for true connection to our Lord.

If you are grateful, I will surely increase you in favour.

Surah Ibrahim (14:7)

Why the Oil Of Zest For Life?

Lime shows us how to courageously face any hurdles we may experience and release any feelings of hopelessness or resignation by elevating us with a cheerful heart and determination! It gives us the motivation to create lives filled with light and joy for the pleasure of serving Allah.

Oil Affirmations

Essential oils can be used in combination with affirmations and Cherished Muslimah’s other healing resources to facilitate transformation.

You can use the following affirmations as positive reminders to say to yourself when applying/massaging the oils on your body.

I can now enjoy life with joy

I choose to have courage

I am positive and happy

I can trust that Allah will always assist me.

I have the power to live with purpose.

I trust I am supported in every moment

I can move forward in confidence and faith.

I have certainty and gratitude.

Using Oils Purposefully

As Cherished Muslimahs, we do everything as an ibadah (worship) We also can become grounded in the here and now through Allah’s beautiful names.

‘And I did not create the jinn and mankind except to worship Me’

Ad Dhariyat (51:56)

Lime reminds us that Allah is the one who gave us life and that it's only through true worship and connection to Him and His beloved prophet saw can we truly have hope, joy, and courage to face life’s challenges.

The Cherished Muslimah defines her worship as all the acts that a slave does to please her master. She purposefully performs every action and role to please and serve her Lord. His satisfaction, love and mercy are what she strives for, and that, my darlings, is her purpose!

Cherished Seasons: Purpose eBook

Remember, dear sisters, that Allah is Al Ahad, The One; and when we direct all of our efforts and striving for His sake, we will never be disappointed. Our every action, thought is being watched by Al Basir (The Watchful), and observed by Him, Al Raqib (The Observing), and He is Al Ghaniyy, The Generous, in His rewarding!

Prayerful Oils

You can also combine Allah’s names and affirmations prayerfully to ask Allah to give you want, through the strength of His names:

Oh Malik, (The King) help me to submit to all your rulings in all that I do.

Oh Khaliq, (The perfect creator) help me to create a life that is purposeful and intentional.

Ways to use


  • Inhale from the bottle
  • Diffuse in an ultrasonic diffuser
  • Place 1 to 2 drops in the palm of your hand rub together and inhale deeply for 3 to 4 breaths.

Topical use

  • Apply 1 to 3 drops as directed over your heart
  • Apply 1 to 2 drops along your spine or bottoms of the fee

In closing

Allow Lime oil to cleanse our hearts, always renewing our intentions to please Allah, doing every action purposefully and prayerfully from a place of joy and gratitude for our gift of life.

If you would like to start your essential oil journey with Dawn-Sabeeha visit her website: Living Clean and Pure to find out how doTERRA oils can help you create health and happiness.

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