May - The Month of the Mother

May 01, 2022

Dear Cherished Readers,

Welcome to the merry month of May!  And a huge Eid Mubarak to you all! May Allah accept the fasts and prayers of all those who participated in the beautiful month of Ramadan. 

This month we are going to be exploring mother energy – that part of us that loves others unconditionally, and we are going to be establishing the habit of Guardianship – where we embrace homemaking so that all of our systems run smoothly, and look at how to effectively parent and communicate with our children (for the parents out there) and all of those who we care for. 

The Merciful Mother 

Mother energy isn’t only for women who have their own biological children though, when we tap into this energy, we tap into our creative and nurturing side, so we can excel in our calling, and give ourselves mother-love when we need it. (and right now, with everything going on in the world, who doesn’t need it?) 

Mercy is the trait of Mother energy, and as women, we have a gift from The Merciful, Ar Rahman – our wombspaces: our gender-specific source of mercy. And so, due to our very privilege of being women, we know what it means to protect, care for, and nourish others. 

So many of us are not kind to ourselves, is it a wonder we can't connect to others?  And yet some of us give freely to others and neglect ourselves, which is so sad, as then we end up bitter and resentful. 

Looking back 

As we bid farewell to March and Ramadan, allow yourself to be gentle with yourself – I hope you were able to connect to your soul self this month, but please, please don’t beat yourself up if you feel that you feel short of any of your religious devotions in Ramadan.  It was a blessing to simply have been present for the month, and if you were fortunate to be able to fast, then that is a great accomplishment in itself!  

Don’t forget, as mothers, we have a massive part to play during Ramadan – to worshipfully cook food for our families who are fasting – so, be kind to yourself and give yourself a break - you may even need a break now that Ramadan has finished! 

This Month 

If you would like to learn skills to embrace loving others as well as yourself, then this is the month for you! 

Come and join us in the Cherished Muslimah Sisterhood Facebook group as we discuss the nourishing, life-affirming parts of womanhood so that you can tap into the mercy of Allah and His Messenger, for yourself and others.  We will also be looking at who exactly we need to be sacrificing for – the Mother can’t be there for everyone, or she will burn out! But for those she holds close, and allows into her hearth and home, for those she would move mountains for. 

The ladies in Cherished Seasons will be meeting 4 times this month in our group coaching call, and I would love to have you join us! (here's the link to join) I will share how to delegate effectively, be in charge (not in control) of your children, and how to be loving, nourishing and present.

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