Mrs. Hopeless Treads on His Dreams

Jan 29, 2021

This is a repost of an article that was first published on Cherished and Successful on February 18, 2010

The Case of Mrs. Hopeless.

Mrs Hopeless was terribly excited as her 10th anniversary approached; she wanted to celebrate her wonderful marriage in style! When she approached her dh, he was non-committal and tried many times to change the subject. Mrs Hopeless had her head in the clouds and was imagining week-long romantic holidays in Egypt over the Nile going on midnight candle-lit cruises.

Eventually, Mr Husband agreed that they should make a point of celebrating their anniversary, as it was their 10th, and she was quite excited. Mr Husband fell into a reverie as he remembered the time he went to Paris with his buddies, back in the days when he was free and single. Climbing the Eiffel Tower at night had been such a peculiar experience, although it was quite exhilarating, something was missing – it was a woman by his side. He had made a decision that day that he would one day return with his wife by his side.

Mr Husband came back to the real world from his daydream and suggested that they should go to Paris to celebrate. Many thoughts went through Mrs Hopeless’s mind, the Euro-Tunnel, weekend jaunts, and the vulnerability of unknown French food. She shook her head and replied, “No, Mr H, I’d rather go to Egypt, it would be more fitting for the 10th”.

After days of deliberation, Mr Husband eventually decided to book a hotel in Windermere and they went away for the weekend. Mrs Hopeless wondered where she had gone wrong, despite the fact that she had a wonderful time, trying as hard as possible to use the Surrendered Wife principles of the no-control date: she knew something was definitely missing.

Mrs Hopeless would have done well to have agreed to her dh’s first suggestion of the trip to Paris. She should have known from previous conversations where he had shared his past with her that this was one of his dreams. Instead, she missed out on the chance of a spectacular weekend break which Mr Husband has now declared will next be offered for their 20th Anniversary.

Prayers and Al-Fatiha for Mrs Hopeless.

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