New Moon Intentions

Feb 15, 2021

The moon’s gravitational pull affects water, hence we have tides. Similarly, we humans are made up of 60% water, and our bodies are affected by the moon as well. It affects our hormonal cycles, sleep and emotions in profound ways.

When the moon is dark in the sky, with no light to illuminate on the earth, it is time to look within and see which answers shine from our soul and intuition.

It’s a time for new beginnings and a chance for us to go inward and set our intentions for the coming month. A chance to contemplate on:

  • Successes from the past month
  • What inspires you
  • What you would like to start or change

Make Space

Make space before creating your new intentions, so you can let go and start afresh. It’s the perfect time to do a quick declutter of your home and living space.

Here are some suggestions: 

  • Empty all the bins
  • Diffuse some purifying essential oils
  • Change the bedding
  • Get some fresh flowers
  • Do the hoover
  • Have a shower/bath
  • Wear some nice clothes

By clearing out the old, you can start the new moon on a fresh canvas, and set your intentions from a place you can think clearly without any distractions.

Set the Mood

Once you have cleared the space around you set the mood and create a special time to reflect.

  • Light a natural candle
  • Diffuse some inspiring essential oils
  • Make a cup of tea
  • Cut a platter of fresh fruit
  • Burn some bukhoor
  • Play some soft nasheeds/Quran
  • Play some natural sounds
  • Get your journal and a nice pen/pencil

Get Connected

It’s time to get connected with yourself, Allah, his Messenger ﷺ , the moon, the Islamic month, the Cherished habit of the month and your cycle.

Connect with yourself. 

Take a moment to pause and go inwards.  How are you feeling, what emotions are there?  Take three cleansing breaths and let go of everything that isn’t serving you. And then be still and listen to your intuition.  What is she saying? 


  • Has anything made you happy?
  • Has anything made you anxious?
  • Did you have any challenges?
  • Did you have any successes?

Sit and be still and hold space for yourself for this moment.

Connect with Allah

Know that He is the starter (Al Mubdi), the promoter (Al Muqaddim) and the one who has your back (Al Wakil) 

Connect with The Messenger of Allah ﷺ

Reflect on how you have emulated him this month and all the ways he brings you peace. Now reflect on how you can emulate him in this coming month – what will be your door to connecting to him?

If you love Allah, then follow me, Allah will love you

Al-Baqarah (3:31)

Connect with the moon

Noor Yusuf poetically points out how the moon is a Sahabi, a companion of The Messenger of Allah ﷺ, and how the two of them had a beautiful connection. He would speak to it each month when he witnessed its first emergence. 

When the Prophet would see a crescent moon, he would say (to it):
My Lord and your Lord is Allah

Tirmidhi (3451)

Connect with the Islamic month

Reflect on what the virtues and specialities of this lunar month are.

  • Are there any special days coming up - how can you best observe them?
  • Will you be able to plan some fasting on the 13,14 or 15 ‘white’ days of the full moon?
  • Find out more about the Islamic month we are in here.

Connect with the Habit of the Month

Reflect on how you will cultivate this month’s Cherished Habit – how can you best cultivate it in your life? Find out which habit we are focusing on this month in Cherished Seasons, here.

Connect with Your Hormonal Cycle

Reflect on how your hormonal cycle aligns with the moon this month. Whichever moon phase you bleed in will bring its own strengths for you. You will notice that you will bleed on different parts of the moon phase depending on what your body needs to work on throughout your menstrual years.  If you are no longer bleeding, see which phase of the moon it is when you are in your ‘winter’.

Winter/Bleeding during the new moon

Use your winter/menstruation phase to go inwards. It is time to do some nourishing self-care and tend to your needs. Give yourself space to be still and in silence.  Spend time alone in your boudoir and use this time to reflect.

Winter/Bleeding during the waxing moon

Use your winter/menstruation phase to explore new possibilities – read up on the topics you have been meaning to, listen to podcasts that connect you to your inner wise woman. What ideas emerge? 

Winter/Bleeding during the full moon

Use your winter/menstruation phase to tap into the fulness and vitality of the moon with your own release to unleash the power within and be outwardly creative. What can you do to make a difference in the world?

This is particularly significant when you are making radical changes.  Come from the place of your intuition and wise woman and ask yourself what big changes you need to make – reflect, journal and allow your creative juices to flow!

Winter/Bleeding during the waning moon

Use your winter/menstruation phase to tend to the projects that you were tending to during the time of the full moon, to cultivate and fine-tune them.  Use this inward, intuitive time to consolidate any loose ends and bring everything together.

Set Your Intentions

Take your journal and write out all the things that have been bothering you, and then write out your dreams and new moon intentions in as much detail as possible. Here are some suggestions on how:

  • Close your eyes and from the place of the wise woman, visualise where would you like to see yourself in the next few weeks and write it down
  • Ask yourself what you would like to differently this month and write it down
  • If you were to create your ideal life, what would it look like? Close your eyes and visualise it, and then write it down

And then, make your intentions, with each one starting with one of these prompts:

  • This month I intend to…
  • This month I intend to start…
  • This month I intend to create… 

Write them down and say them aloud. When you are done, read over them and choose the top three intentions and circle them, so that you can focus on this month. 

Visualise the Path

Become mindful of the first few steps you may need to take to get things started in bringing your intentions to reality and write them down so you can visualise some action into the intention. Don’t plan yet, just be open to the possibilities of how you may make these intentions a reality once the moon starts to wax and emerge.

Do It Prayerfully

And now you have made your intentions, close your journal and make a prayer to Allah to help you to do what you have intended. Bring to mind all of your blessings and thank Him for all that you have, and for all you intend to do this month.

Oh Rahman, the merciful, help me to be more compassionate

Oh Qawi, the strong, I would like to be more courageous, help me

Oh Wadud, the loving, help me to be more loving

Oh Hakim, the wise, I would like more wisdom, help me

Oh Rauf, the sympathetic, help me to spend more time with myself

Oh Kareem, the generous, I would like to organise a fundraiser, help me

Sit, with your eyes closed and visualise the month ahead.  Connect to Allah and His messenger ﷺ , the moon, yourself and your resources, and end with some Quran and as always, Salawat. 



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