New Purposeful Beginnings!

Mar 01, 2021

Welcome to Spring 2021!  Happy 1st of March, dear Cherished Readers! 

Today marks Cherished Seasons 1st Birthday!  We have officially ended the first year beautifully, and I welcome to you a new spring and beginning! 

Welcome to the month of purpose!  We are going to connect to being purposeful and prayerful this month – it is a beautiful month to set new intentions – many of you were in the Inner Garden Architect masterclass, and we are going to go even deeper this month in Cherished Muslimah. 

As you know, I am currently in my intensive training to become One of Many Certified Coach – it’s so exciting, I am going to be able to offer you even more tools and resources to become more and more cherished! 

I have stopped discovery calls while I train, and there will be no new members joining Cherished Seasons barring the ladies who sign up to the 12-Week Coaching Programme… but for the broader community, I will still be sharing purposeful gems – including blog articles on marriage (for both men and women), creating a Divine connection whilst connecting to your purpose, and how to use essential oils to connect to your purpose, as well as setting your purposeful intentions at the time of the new moon! Suffice to say, whether you’re in the Cherished Seasons course or not, you can still join us! 

 If you haven’t got a copy of The Four Traits of a Cherished Muslimah, you can order your copies here, as we work through the 1st chapter this month – continuing a new chapter each month! 

As we start the new month, I want to give you some dates for your diary. 

Please note, all times are London times and will be hosted in the Cherished Muslimah private Facebook group. 

So here are March’s dates for your diary: 

Moon Release and Tranceform  
Wednesday, 3 March 1:00 – 2:00 pm 
New Moon Intentions
Monday, 15 March 7:00 – 8:00pm 
Full Moon Rendezvous & Reflection 
Sunday, 28 March 7:00 – 9:00pm 
Hope to see you there! 
PS – order your copy of The Four Traits of a Cherished Muslimah here! 





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