Are you superwoman?

Nov 01, 2022

Happy November, my dear Cherished Readers!

Autumn is in full swing, with leaves amassing my front doorstep - is there any point in sweeping them up?

As our trees let go of what is no longer serving them, making way for the new spring growth, let us use this month to focus within and look at what isn't serving us anymore, welcoming the habit of the month: Self Discipline.

This month in Cherished Muslimah, we are focussing on two very important archetypes:  The woman who does too much (Superwoman) and the woman who does too little (anti-Superwoman) - and to ask ourselves - which one do we tend to embody?

When we are out of balance, we tend to fall into these two extreme archetypal polarities.  And this month, with the help of Queen and Mother energy, we are going to make sure we set appropriate limits with ourselves and lovingly stop/encourage ourselves whenever needed.

The Woman Who Does Too Much - Superwoman

Superwoman always does too much - and does it really well.  Her family, career, clothes, home - everything is perfect - until she blows a fuse because she really is doing too much!  Then she becomes Nasty Noora and blames everyone around her!

The Woman Who Does Too Little - Anti Superwoman

Anti Superwoman just can't get anything done - she is so overwhelmed by it all, she finds relief by burying her head under the sand - and as a result, she misses out on life, her calling ('what's that?', she often thinks...) and she inadvertently hurts those around her.  Ultimately she ends up feeling the victim - or 'Wounded Noora' and blames everyone around her, including herself, for the mess she's in. How sad!

Let's get discilpined

Just like a mother makes sure her kids don't watch too much TV, spend too long obsessing over perfectionism, or eating too much unhealthy food, we also need our inner Mother archetype to step in and make sure we are being looked after. 

Cherished Muslimah Profiling Questionnaire

This month in Cherished Seasons (join us!) we are going to be focusing on bringing ourselves back to balance, and looking at what gets in the way of doing that.  We will be finding out how much of our archetypal energies we are tapped into, and where we need to improve, by taking the Cherished Muslimah Profiling Questionnaire (RRP £77) - if you want to find out your results, contact me for a Token Code so you can get yours with compliments from Cherished Muslimah!

In the meanwhile, I hope you can spend this month letting go of what you need to, in order to grow fresh new beginnings in the coming spring!

Happy leaf catching!

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