Nurturing diffuser Blend

May 31, 2021

Guest Post by Dawn-Sabeeha Hinson, Cherished Muslimah's In House Wellness and Wellbeing Advocate.

This month being the month of Guardianship at Cherished Seasons, we are focusing on connecting to our role as a guardian and being responsible for those we are in charge of, including our homes.

Let’s see how the Earth Essentials Nurturing Diffuser Blend of Myrrh, Geranium, Cedarwood, and Ylang-Ylang can help us to truly connect to our habit of guardianship, so we are more able to be responsible, nurturing and loving Guardians.

What’s in the blend

Myrrh: The Oil Of Mother Earth

Myrrh encourages us to be creative and to communicate with confidence, whilst having the ability to keep us calm and focused. It helps us to balance all our responsibilities as a leader and guardian. Myrrh also reminds us that we are connected to Mother Earth, helping us to feel nurtured and protected from the outside forces of the world, reminding us that Allah is the One who provides for us and protects us.

Al Muhaymin (The Protector) He who watches over and protects all things.

Ar Razaaq (The Provider) He who provides us with food and knowledge He bestows all manner of support and growth.

I am protected and nurtured.

I communicate with confidence.

I am a balanced guardian.

Geranium: The Oil of Love and Trust

Geranium oil is an emotional healer for the heart, which helps us to connect from a place of love and trust. When we nurture our habit of guardianship, balancing our emotions can sometimes be a little like a rollercoaster.

Geranium promotes empathy, forgiveness, and tolerance towards ourselves and those in our charge, helping us to connect in a calm way.

I am tolerant and forgiving

I am connected and calm

I am understanding and balanced

Cedarwood: The Oil of Community

Cedarwood reminds us that there is strength and massive value in having community support. Cedarwood helps us to create solid bonds with our family and outer community. Being a successful guardian does not mean we do everything on our own but reach out and get assistance.

This wonderful grounding oil opens our hearts so we can embrace the support and love of other people; cedarwood nurtures our awareness of honoring all those who we may care for, from babies to the elderly.

I am supported by my family and community.

I am aware and caring.

I have help and assistance.

Ylang-Ylang: The Oil of the Inner Child

Balancing our guardianship roles can be done in a lighthearted fun way with the support of Ylang-Ylang, this beautiful floral oil helps us to connect to the simple and fun ways of our childlike nature, helping us to bring play into the often mundane work we do on a daily basis, opening up our heart to feel joyful.

 I am light-hearted and happy.

I am fun and playful.

I am full of joy.

Diffuser Blend

Here’s how to make your diffuser blend:


  • Myrrh x 2 drops]
  • Geranium x 1 drop
  • Cedarwood x 2 drops
  • Ylang-Ylang x 1 drop
  • Add water and above oils to a 200ml diffuser, and diffuse!

Rollerball Blend

You can also use these oils to make your own Nurturing Rollerball blend:


Take a 10ml empty rollerball bottle

  • Add:

        - 7 drops Myrrh,

        - 4 drops of Geranium

        - 6 drops of Cedarwood

        - 4 drops of Ylang-Ylang

  • Top up the rest of the bottle with fractionated coconut oil.
  • Shake and use on pulse points, i.e., wrists behind the ears back of the neck, and over the heart

To Conclude

Bring this Nurturing Diffuser Blend purposefully into your daily routine, whether that’s through diffusing, or rolling on to your pulse points throughout the day when we want to communicate with confidence, balance, and embrace our guardianship roles

with tolerance, and a heart opens to connect with empathy and love, to all those in our care.

Oh, Rahman Oh Rahim help me to always be merciful to my family and community, so I can receive Your mercy. Ameen

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