Raising Funds for Free Coaching

May 02, 2021

Just like last year, I’m raising funds to provide free coaching for vulnerable women. There are so many women who need help and support through coaching and mentoring but cannot access it due to lack of funds and I am humbled to report that last year’s crowdfunding helped so many women who struggle with really challenging situations.

With the funding that was raised last year, I was able to provide free and discounted coaching and mentoring for vulnerable women including:

  • Rape survivors
  • Religious cult survivors
  • Women with abusive husbands and adult children
  • The lonely and vulnerable elderly
  • Converts to Islam who have left abusive marriages
  • A victim of a forced abortion
  • A victim of modern-day trafficking
  • Victims of spiritual abuse
  • Financially oppressed women

If you would like to help empower women and make a difference in their lives, then this appeal is to YOU. When ladies find out they finding is available to help them, they are so grateful – would you come and join me in helping them?

This funding will provide coaching and mentoring for women who can’t pay for coaching for a myriad of different reasons: some women have lost their jobs due to Covid; others do not have access to any funds from their husbands, others still are not able to make financial decisions due to having suffered so much trauma in the past. It will help them to ease and transition from pain to peace!

By helping to raise funds that can pay for coaching for ladies who are not able to, you can take an active part in helping women to find peace and empowerment, being part of a greater global change. Remember, healed homes mean a healed world!

Visit my crowdfunding page now, dig deep and donate today!

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