Ramadan Connection AromaBlend©

Apr 28, 2021

In this blessed month of Ramadan, as Cherished Muslimahs, it’s a time to connect to Allah most high and His book. It's time to reflect, focus, open our hearts, and give of the gifts Allah has blessed us with to those in need.

This special edition Connection essential oil Aromablend© can help us to connect with focus, clarity, gratitude, and a heart open and ready to receive true spiritual connection.

We all still have commitments we need to fulfill, looking after family, cooking, cleaning, other work we may do.

How do we separate our physical activities and spiritual connection to Allah whilst being present in our daily duties?

Let me show you how the Earth Essentials special edition Connection AromaBlend® of Lime, Patchouli, Lavender, Wild Orange, Peppermint, and Frankincense can help us to truly connect to Allah and His blessings.

Let us cleanse our hearts, give gratitude, be present in body and mind, and stay focused with a heart that’s open and ready to give and receive.

Let us connect to the truth by lifting the veils between us and our Lord whilst we strive to do all our actions, Purposefully, Prayerfully, and positively in true Cherished Muslimah style.

What’s in the blend

Lime: The Oil Of Zest for life

Lime oil reminds us to be grateful for our gift of life; it’s a powerful cleanser for the heart making it the perfect oil to use for renewing our intentions.

When we feel emotionally discouraged lime clears the heart space and instils joy, faith, and confidence to get through our challenges with a thankful heart.

This oil helps us to strive to perfect our character by connecting to Allah, with a pure heart filled with love and gratitude.

Al Khaliq, You are the Perfect Creator; show me how to perfect my character.

I have cleansed my heart.

I have joy and faith.

I am confident and thankful.

Patchouli: The Oil of physicality

Patchouli oil helps us to still the heart and mind bringing about unity and connection with our physical body, mind, and soul.

This oil has grounding and stabilising properties to balance us and keep us fully present.

Patchouli teaches us to appreciate all the wonderful gifts physical and spiritual Allah bestows upon us every day.

Al Razaq You are the provider; please give me a heart and mind in unity with my body so I can appreciate all your gifts.

I am connected body, mind, and soul.

I am stable, balanced and fully present.

I love all the gifts Allah gives me every day.

Lavender: The Oil of Communication and Calm

Lavender oil invites us to connect to our innermost thoughts and feelings helping us to become aware of how we communicate with ourselves and others.

Lavender oil helps us to connect and communicate freely and express ourselves with compassion. This oil teaches us to be calm and at peace.

Al Aleem, you are the all-knowing You know my innermost thoughts, help me to always communicate with compassion.

I communicate calmly and honestly.

I am respectful and aware.

I am at peace.

Wild Orange: The Oil of Abundance

Wild Orange reminds us that there are no limits to Allah’sAllah’s bounty, this oil encourages us to give freely of ourselves without expecting any compensation from others.

Knowing that Allah always provides for us in the best ways.

With its uplifting aroma, Wild Orange inspires us to be creative, happy, positive and enjoy all the gifts we have been given.

Oh, Wahaab, you are the all-giving, teach me to give freely to those in need.

I now choose to give and receive freely.

I am creative and enjoy my gifts from Allah.

I am now ready to be happy and enjoy life.

Peppermint: The Oil of a Buoyant heart

We may sometimes feel disheartened by others responses to us, but when we intend our every action to please Allah and emulate The Messenger of Allah ﷺ

our hearts feel light and happy.

Peppermint oil has invigorating and energising properties that bring happiness to our heart and mind-clearing the way to live our true reality.

Oh, Allah, You are the turner of hearts make my every action be to please You, fill my heart with love for You.

I am light-hearted and happy.

I do all my actions to please Allah.

I am energised and ready for life.

Frankincense: The Oil of Truth

With its positive emotional properties of spiritual connection, Frankincense is an oil that directs us back to Allah most high, by dispelling darkness, lifting all veils, and assisting our heart to connect to light and truth.

Frankincense acts as a shield for our body and our hearts from negative influences and reminds us that we are always loved and protected by Al – Muhaymin (The protector).

Oh, Muhaymin, You are our protector protect me and connect my heart to Your light and truth.

I am connected to the Truth.

I am loved and protected.

I have a heart connected to Allah.

Make this powerful Connection AromaBlend© a part of your daily Ramadan worship and truly connect to Allah with light and truth.

Have a blessed Ramadan.

Love and Peace.


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