Respecting Others Through Allah’s Names

Sep 18, 2021

This is an article from The Divine Names Series.

‘None of you (truly) believes until he wishes for his brother what he wishes for himself.’

Bukhari (13)

A Cherished Muslimah respects others purposefully, knowing that by honouring others, she is honouring the creation of Allah.  By respecting others, she is just and fair. She is humble and respectful, knowing that Allah is the one who gives honour, and she looks to the positive intentions of her loved ones, as she knows Allah is always accepting of her intentions. 

Honour from Allah, Honour to Others

A Cherished Muslimah is always connected to Allah’s mercy, knowing that her intention and good deeds are enough to gain her Allah’s love and that He has honoured her simply through her being created.  And from this place of honour, she is respectful towards all of creation. 

This September, cultivate the traits of being respectful and accepting by submitting to Allah’s names of justice, honour and truth - His beautiful attributes of honouring mankind! Here are 12 divine names to help you to cultivate this habit:

His Justice


Allah is the Judge.  Submit to this name by being continually respectful, regardless of how others behave, knowing that He will judge between His slaves. 

AL-ADL (30)

Allah is just in His rulings and proportions. Become a reflection of the meaning of this name by being fair and striving to be just in your actions, knowing that He is just in giving people ranks.  This will help you feel empowered when being respectful. 


Allah is the just in equity and fairness. Strive to emulate the meaning of this name by being just in equity and fairness.  Respect those around you, knowing that everyone wants to be treated fairly.

AL-MĀNI (90)

The protector, Al Mani, creates causes for protection as well as being the powerful withholder.  Submit to this name by protecting others from unfair treatment from yourself.  Catch yourself when you are unjust and be quick to apologise.

His Honour


Allah is Al-Mutakabbir, the one who is elevated above all.  Being respectful requires humility, especially when you think others are making choices that are out of your comfort zone. Submit to Him through this name by being humble, knowing that it is Allah who is elevated above all.

AR-RĀFI (24)

Allah is the one who raises us.  Become a reflection of the meaning of this name by raising others with respect.  In doing so, you will be raised in ranks by Al-Rafi.

AL-MU’IZ (25)

Allah is Al-Muiz, the giver of honour.  Strive to emulate the meaning of this name by giving others honour by respecting their choices and valuing their boundaries.


Allah is also the one who can take thonour.  Submit to the name Al-Mudhil when you feel vulnerable when respecting others, remembering that it is only He who can take honour from you, no one else. By connecting to His names, you will be honoured, inshaAllah.


Allah is Al-Halim, the one who forgives when angry, even if the other is deserving of it.  Submit to this name by knowing that Al-Halim will forgive you, even if you deserve His anger, so then who are you not to forgive those around you, even though they have rightly made you angry?

AL-AFŪ’ (82)

Allah is Al-Afu, He who forgives and forgets.  Respecting others can be hard when we are unable to forgive and forget how we have been treated.  Allow yourself to submit to this name and invoke Allah through this name for help in forgiving those who have wronged you so that you can strive to be a respectful, Cherished Muslimah.

His Truth


Allah is the witness and sees all that you do.  When you allow this knowledge to permeate you, and you connect to Him witnessing you, then respecting others becomes a means of connecting with Ash-Shahid. Know that the Witness sees you respecting others.

For me it’s easy because I know He sees me.
Saif Adam 

AL-HAQQ (52)

Allah is Al-Haqq, The truth.  Understanding behaviour and knowing our loved ones are behaving the way they do for a reason, and that they have a positive intention behind their actions, regardless of how you feel they should behave, can be a frustrating experience. Submit to this name by respecting the truth, irrespective of how it makes you feel.  

To Conclude

A Cherished Muslimah is ever aware of Allah’s justice, honour and truth. So when she respects others, she does it purposefully, knowing that her every action is being witnessed and will be rewarded.  She honours others through her own honour, and raises other’s up, even though it may be a difficult and humbling experience.  She keeps the connection with her creator as she knows that this is a means of gaining His love. 

Oh Allah, send Your peace and blessings upon our Master Muhammad,
Blessings through which we can respect others, regardless of their behaviour.
Blessings through which we honour the choices that other’s make.
Blessings through which we continually strive to change ourselves for the better.
Blessings through which we strive to emulate your beloved Prophet, our Master Muhammad,

Ameen Ya Rabb!

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