Seeing Allah seeing you

Mar 28, 2021

This is a repost of an article that was first published on Cherished and Successful on 18 Feb 2015

Sometimes you work so hard, you wonder why you're doing it.  And then you get some glittery flowers from your dear hubby, 'Just Because'.

And then you know that you are being seen.
And you are being acknowledged.
And they do see what you do.
And you are not invisible.

And then you realise with gratitude that Allah sees you too.  And the flowers are actually an 'I see what you are doing' from Allah.

Or you wouldn't have them, would you?

And so, in the true spirit of gratitude, you say, 'Oh, what beautiful flowers, thank you!'  instead of 'What are these for?', because actually you do know what they are for, don't you?

And you remind yourself of all the missed opportunities of connecting through Love Languages, of all the times women say, and have said 'Why did you buy these?', 'I don't like these ones', 'Why do you waste money?'.  And you feel blessed that well, at least today, you didn't miss out on the connection.

Thank you for seeing me.

Originally Published 18th February 2015.

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