Self-Care Through Allah's Names

Jul 09, 2021

This is an article from The Divine Names Series.

A Cherished Muslimah looks after herself because she knows that her body is a trust from Allah, and she owes it to herself and her body to look after it. She owes it to her body since each of her body members will testify either for or against her on the day of judgment. She owes it to herself since looking after her body will allow her to be her best version of herself, enabling her to worship Allah in the best possible way.

Love from Allah, Love From Yourself

A Cherished Muslimah is always aware of the unconditional love from Allah, and so she loves herself and appreciates her body and looks at it. She knows that Allah is always merciful towards her and so she is merciful towards herself by ensuring she rests and replenishes whenever she needs to. She is ever aware of the blessings that Allah has given her, and so she never abuses them, but cares for them, tenderly.

She knows that Allah will always look after her and take responsibility, and so she reflects the meaning of His names and ensures she looks takes personal responsibility for herself. She knows that He is the one who is just and fair and so she never overworks her limbs and allows them to rest and recuperate.

This July cultivate your love trait by cultivating the self-care habit through submitting to Allah's names of care, mercy, and love - His beautiful attributes of unconditional love! Here are 12 divine names to help you to enjoy your self-care:

His Care

AL-ADL (30)

Allah is just. We can submit to His name Al Adl by ensuring that we are always just to ourselves. When we are tired, we stop and rest. We always, justly, treat our energy levels with care.


Allah is the one who takes responsibility for us, and we can be a reflection of this meaning by ensuring we take responsibility for our limits and to be fulfilled. In this way, self-care isn't just mere relaxation; it is a personal, purposeful responsibility!

AL-WALĪ (56)

Allah is the one who will always stand up for us and never allows us to be mistreated. Every single deed will never be overlooked. So how then, can we not treat ourselves fairly? Ensure you are fair and just to your body, by giving it its rights at all times.


Know that Allah always treats His creation with equity and fairness, and to submit to that, so must you – even if it is yourself. Treat your body well; it does so much for you! Your hands, feet, mind, and even heart – they do so much for us, it is only fair that we reward it well, with plenty of rest and relaxation.

His Mercy


The merciful are shown mercy by Ar-Rahman Tirmidhi (1924)

Allah is merciful. Treat your own body with mercy and watch His mercy descend upon you! What a lovely feeling of being drenched in a downpour of mercy simply by doing self-care!


Allah is perfect and pure. Know that you are not perfect. He is. And have mercy on yourself with your perfectly-designed imperfections and your need to rest and recuperate. We often push ourselves further and further, but know that it's okay to STOP and self-care, because, actually, you need it.

His Love


Allah is the giver of gifts, so appreciate all the gifts He has given you and allows yourself to enjoy yourself acre, truly enjoy it, and give thanks for it.


Allah the one who gives in abundance and appreciates appreciation! Therefore, give thanks to him by looking after the blessings He has given you.


Allah is unconditionally loving, and you can be a reflection of the meaning of this name by being unconditionally loving to yourself, but not feeling guilty for doing self-care but looking after your own needs like a mother would look after her child’s needs.


Allah is the one who enriches and notices how much He has enriched you, calling out to Him and thanking Him for enriching you in so many ways.

In the morning charity is due from every bone in the body of every one of you.

Muslim (720)

To Conclude

A Cherished Muslimah allows Allah’s care and loves to permeate through her body and through this, she does self-care as a way of worship and responsibility, with the greatest pleasure! She honors herself, is thankful for her blessings, and expresses that thanks through care and concern for her own well-being, knowing that her body must be looked after – it is a trust from her Master. In doing so, she can worship Him in the best of ways and show up in all of her roles as a ‘proper’ Cherished Muslimah!


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