Self Discipline Through Allah’s Name

Nov 22, 2021

This is an article from The Divine Names Series.

A Cherished Muslimah is disciplined and ensures she neither does too much nor too little, knowing that staying in balance is an act of worship.  She knows that she has the power to create a successful life and she does this prayerfully and purposefully. 

Creating a Balanced Life 

A Cherished Muslimah is always connected to Allah, and she ensures she stays balanced by connecting to Him through His justice and power. If she does too much, she reminds herself that he is just and fair, so she ensures she is just and fair on herself. If she does too little she calls upon Him for motivation.

This November cultivates the trait of self-discipline by submitting to Allah’s names of justice and creation. If you are a woman who does too much, know that you don’t have to work so hard as He is sufficient for you, He takes responsibility for you and can bring you back to peace when you lose your equilibrium. If you are a woman who does too little, call upon the one who brings things back to life and starts things off when they are non-existent.


AL-ADL (30)

Submit to Al-Adl, the one who is just in rulings and proportions to be just towards yourself. Burn-out is not what Allah wants from you.


Know that Allah is Al-Hasib, He who takes into account, that sufficiency will meet your needs, as you strive to meet them yourself. Rest well and replenish often.


Call upon Al Wajid, the finder, who finds you when you are lost, to help you rebalance your life. Be a balanced Cherished Muslimah!

AL-WĀLI (77)

Submit to the Al Wali, the one who takes responsibility for everything by taking responsibility for yourself and your actions. Take responsibility for your energy levels.


Just like Allah is Al Muqsit, the just in equity and fairness, be just in equity and fairness to yourself and your limits. Stay within your limits and don’t overexert yourself.

AD-DĀR (91)

Submit to A- Dar, the one who harms and acknowledges when you are causing yourself harm.

AN-NĀFI (92)

Call upon An-Nafi, the one who cures to help you find healing when you lose your sense of equilibrium. And if you overwork yourself to the point of complete exhaustion take time out to recover even if that means a week in bed.


AL-BĀ’ITH (50)

Call upon Al-Baith, the one who brings forth something out of nothing to help you be proactive. Which new habits can you start to be your best self?


Call upon Al Mubdi, the one who starts things to help you start a life of proactivity and balance. Go back to chapter 2, A Balanced Life, and see where you can create more balance in your life.

AL-MUĪ’D (60)

Call upon Al Mu’id, the one who brings things back, to bring back balance when you lose it. Check to see which areas of your life are being neglected and see how you can focus on them a bit more.

AL-JĀMI (87)

Allah is the gatherer, uniter, combines similar, dissimilar, opposites. Call upon the one who gathers, to help you to find a healthy balance in your different roles so that you neither do too much or do little.


Submit to Ar-Rashid, the one who does the best to do your best. Reflect on what the best version of yourself looks like and what small changes you can make towards becoming a person.

To Conclude

A Cherished Muslimah submits to Allah’s justice and creative power and through this submission, she is also motivated to stay within her limits and also to do her best. She knows that by staying balanced she is worshipping Allah, and so she strives to remain replenished yet works hard as well. Knowing her tendencies to either do much or too little, she does it prayerfully, calling upon Him for success.

And my success is not but through Allah. Upon Him I have relied, and to Him I return.

Hud (11:88)

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