The Archetypes

Jan 23, 2022

The Four Traits are based on archetypes, in fact, I deliberately kept detailed archetypal jargon out of The Four Traits of a Cherished Muslimah to keep it simple to understand. 

Yet, we would be doing the Four Traits injustice if we didn’t mention that they originated from the archetypes of Queen/Mother, Lover, Wise Woman and Warrioress. 

In very simple terms, archetypes are inner, inherited energies that we all have inside us.  Think of them as 'parts' of us - and they can be empowering or disempowering parts of us. 

Here are the archetypes that the Four Traits of leadership, love, justice and wisdom originate from: 

The Warrioress - Leadership

She is the energetic, flexible. She is the archetype who steps forth with leadership, the focused part of us who knows how to get stuff done - with FUN! She is full of life and vitality.

The Lover - Love

She is that part of us who loves the 5 senses, self-care, all things beautiful - she is magnetically captivating.

The Queen - Justice

She is that serene, dignified part of us who is structured and organised. She has beautiful, firm boundaries and is the archetypal energy of the justice trait.

The Wise Woman - Wisdom

She is that part of us who is connected to her wisdom, intuition, healing and the Divine. She is connected to the past, present and future.  She knows.

The Mother – Rooted in Mercy

When I was writing The Four Traits of a Cherished Muslimah, I was in a conundrum – I often wondered about the Mother Archetype, and where she fits into the four traits – was she the archetype of leadership? She seemed like she had love in her too, so which one was she? 

The mother archetype is present in all four of the archetypes.  She is ever present, in fact, she is the earth from which all the archetypes borne and grown – each of the archetypes of Warrioress, Lover, Queen and Wise Woman had a Mother that gave birth to them. 

The Mother walks side by side with each of the archetypal energies of the Warrioress, Lover, Queen and Wise Woman. She is the centre of their energies; by the hearth in the home that heats up the whole house. Always there, always ready to listen. She is the caring, nurturing part of us who teaches and guides us while being our source of comfort - She loves and accepts us unconditionally. 

Archetypes are in all of us 

Archetypes are in all of us.  If they are not familiar to you, it may be because they are lost, forgotten or underused, and at Cherished Muslimah we focus on finding them again and embodying them.  


Because archetypes are the key to our power.  They are the key to us becoming the very best version of ourselves. 

They aren't just in some of us, they are in all of us. 

And as we step into their power, we become whole and complete, playing the beautiful melody of life using all the keys on the piano, and not just one or two. 

Are you ready to step into all of your power? 

Come and join me and learn how to step into all of your beautiful, empowering energies so you can manifest and embody The Four Traits of a Cherished Muslimah!

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