The Four Merciful Traits

Jan 17, 2022

One of the beautiful things about the Four Traits is they are all rooted in Mercy. And how could they not be, when Allah himself tells us that His mercy encompasses everything? 

My mercy encompasses every thing.

Surah Al-A’raf (7:156) 

We manifest mercy in our lives when we step into the energy of the Mother

The merciful Mother is there to offer her acceptance and sanction in each of the four traits, encouraging them to flourish. She watches the Warrioress embrace leadership and naturally grow into the Devoted Lover. She gives her sanction, permission and encouragement to the lover so she can rise and step into her role as the sovereign and be crowned the Queen of her own realm. And she smiles lovingly, proudly, full of admiration when the Queen reaches the pinnacle of her life as a Wise Woman. 

The merciful Mother draws her Mercy from her womb-space, knowing she was created to create, nurture, accommodate, and be ever accepting and loving towards others and herself, too, regardless of whether she has her own children or not. 

Merciful Leadership 

Mercy is infused in the trait of leadership, as the Mother embraces all those who are in her care, including not just her own children but those of others, the community, the world. She looks after the environment and greater causes. She brings her care and nurturing into homemaking, turning a house into a sanctuary with her loving, caring touch. 

Merciful Love 

Mercy melts into the Love trait through self-care, ensuring she looks after herself and encourages others to do the same. She knows if she’s not okay, no one else is either. We see mercy in Mother Earth, as she nurtures everything that grows on her. She knows when to rest and also when to grow – she is merciful toward herself. 

Merciful Justice 

Mercy is firm in the Justice trait, as the Mother ensures she not only disciplines those under her care, but she has self-discipline. She ensures she doesn’t bury her head in the sand, stay quiet when she should speak up, ignore her own needs, be that food, clothing, or even sleep. She holds herself accountable if she does too much, says too much, overeats, spends too much… or even too little. 

Merciful Wisdom 

And Mercy is ever-present in the Wisdom trait as the Mother ensures that she takes times out to heal, understanding the seasons of time, honouring times to rest, love, speak up, stay quiet, and get stuff done. 

Mercy is every present and all-encompassing of the traits.  It ground and roots the traits 

The Mercy of the Messenger ﷺ  

Just as Allah’s mercy encompasses everything, and His Messenger ﷺ was sent as a mercy to all of the worlds, so does mercy encompass the whole of Mother Earth. She is always there, growing and nurturing, resting and lying fallow. She allows all of the elements to have their place in her, she allows the seasons to run their course, and she is always there.   

And that’s why we have four merciful traits, where we connect to the mercy of Allah, His Messengerﷺ and Mother Earth, and strive to be a mercy ourselves.  A mercy to others, to our own selves, to the environment; a mercy to all of the worlds. 

Belief in the full statement of ‘There is no god but Allah and Muhammad is His Messenger’ brings with it the responsibility to emulate God’s Messenger Muhammad, to be Muhammadan, to be a mercy unto all the worlds. It is within us, for it is our cultural inheritance.

Shaykh Faid Mohammed Said
The Meaning of Muhammad and our Cultural Memory


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