A Month of Communication

Dec 01, 2021

Welcome December

 December is the month of Communication! If you always manage to say the wrong things, and everything you say gets interpreted, then let’s get you articulated this month!  

Although it may be easier to brush things under the rug, let’s work on addressing your issues openly this month, so you can take ownership of your feelings, express yourself clearly, and be understood! As a Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming, some call me a communication expert – and my husband holds me to account when I don’t express myself wisely!  I teach women HOW to speak, so they are understood.  

The word ‘communicate’ originates from the Latin word ‘commūnicāre’ – which means to impart and make common – and that’s why we fail to do when we don't speak up – we don’t make common knowledge how we are feeling inside.  Keeping things in is bad for our health and well-being as well as our relationships, and not expressing ourselves can prevent us from getting our needs met – but how many of us find it hard to communicate lovingly and honestly. 

Looking back 

We bid farewell to November, a month where we worked on bringing ourselves back to balance through the habit of discipline.  We saw where we were doing/saying too much/little and looked at empowering ourselves through the four traits of leadership, love, justice and wisdom. 

As we are in the month of Rabbi ul Thani we looked at how we could use this month as a second spring to connect with The Messenger of Allah .  We saw how our cycles are connected to the moon – and what sort of cycle we are going through – and what that calls forth for us in our lives. 

We are also going through a 2-month Facebook challenge so we can develop and grow our online community – please come and join us! 


This month I learn that in home-schooling at coaching I am doing too much – and inshallah Hannah is going to be starting secondary school in September.  This will give us both the time and space we need to flourish, and give me the opportunity to relax a bit until she has started school.  It was a beautiful three years of mum-and-daughter bonding, but it is time for me to hand her over to some capable hands, inshaAllah. 

This month 

This December, we are working on learning how to communicate clearly, lovingly and firmly – so that we can express ourselves, our feelings, limits and desires, and discuss how we can get our needs met effectively. 

In the Cherished Seasons membership programme, we will be establishing the habit of Communication and spending the month looking at the power of our words. We will cover how to communicate your needs and feelings, get rapport with others, and Cherished Muslimah’s Six Sentence Starters.  I will show you how to make requests and the importance of using powerful boundary-setting language.  You will see when to speak up and when to stay quiet without becoming nasty or feeling wounded. We will also be looking at how to repair things when we say the wrong thing….. 

A world of confident self-expression awaits you! Imagine how beneficial it would be if you could pinpoint your problems and address them and address your issues openly. If you would like to join us, send me a message and let’s have you join us in Cherished Seasons! 

Happy communicating! 

Dates for your diary 

As we start the new month, I want to give you some dates for your diary. Please note, all times are London times and will be hosted in the Cherished Muslimah private Facebook group. 

So here are this month's dates for your diary: 


New Moon Intentions

On the night of the new moon, a ritual to do by yourself

Saturday, 4 December


Merciful Moon Connections (Live)

First Thursday of the new moon, join us live

Thursday, 9 December - 4:30 – 5:30pm (London)


Full Moon Rendezvous & Reflection

On the evening of the full moon, go out somewhere special

Sunday, 19 December


Moon Release and Tranceform

Monday of the waning moon, join us live

Monday, 27 December 2:00 – 3:00 pm (London)




Chai and Chat - Lote Tree Foundation

Fourth Wednesday of the month, join us in person in West Drayton, or on Zoom

Wednesday, 22 December 8:30 – 9:30pm (London)







You can add these dates to your calendar here: 

Add to your Google Calendar/ Add to Other Calendars 

Put the dates in your calendar, and join us - I hope to see you there! 


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