Welcome Winter!

Jan 02, 2021

(Morning Pages from 30th November 2020)

Goodbye Autumn, it was lovely to have you,
Lovely to see the oranges, reds and russets,
Lovely to let go of the non-vitals,
To complete the things we started,
So we can tick ✅ our way into the season of Winter.

Welcome, Winter,
Oh, season of rest and fallow,
With your beauty and stillness,
with your frost and darkness,
I welcome you to understand what it means to lie fallow,
To rest and recuperate,
to honour my inner garden, my life, my cycles.

Goodbye to Autumn and Welcome Winter.

And Ya Adl, You are the Just,
You know exactly what we need,
What the trees need,
What the animals need,
You know that we need to rest,
And so You gave us the seasons
To help us to understand what we need.

Help us to learn from the trees, flowers and animals,
Help us to embrace the seasons of:
The spring of active leadership and emergence,
The summer of love and visibility,
The autumn of serene justice and culmination,
The winter of wisdom and the fertile void.

So that we can rest and reflect in our winter,
So that we can emerge beautifully in the spring,
And every spring in our cycles.


Happy December!

It is the month of Communication!

This month is all about communicating effectively - it's one of my favourite topics, ever.

I used to be a really poor communicator. I would be told by those close to me that I spoke down to them, and would treat them like they were little children...! Eek! And what was worse, was that I knew that what was I was doing but didn't know how to stop!

I got married very young, at the age of 18 years. I had very little self-awareness, was a complete people pleaser, came with a load of baggage from the past (even though there were only 18 years of it) (or you could say, 18 whole years of it!) and I definitely didn't know how to communicate! Needless to say, the worst parts of me - being nasty, wounded and burnout would come out, regularly!

Things are very different now, alhamdulillah!

Firstly, I think before I speak.

After that, I choose my words wisely.

More importantly, I choose when to say those words!


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