Wish List

Jun 22, 2021

The wish list is back!

Here is my good old Wish List - I used to have one printed and up on my fridge door for a long time, l and somehow kind of forgot about it.

This is the place I write down all the things I would like down in the house from Jawad - he can see it, it's a sweet way of letting him know what I want, and he can do it in his own good time. I let him know I will be adding things I want down on the list so he can be aware of it and work on it if he can.

Remember: it's not a to-do list - so it's not 'do this, do that, no want wants a list of commands... but more about what you *want* done, what would be really helpful or useful, what would make your day - a wish list.

It works - try it!

So, for me, the first item on it is:

1) to chop down the weed at the back of the garden that is now resembling a small tree.


Download your own wish list here.

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