Marriage: It Takes More Than Just Love

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Single Muslim Live on British Muslim TV

Getting married can be a daunting prospect – especially when we don’t have the skills we need to nurture relationships. 

Come and watch the discussion with me and Fahima Mohammed – as we went live on Single Muslims Live on British Muslim TV and discussed how single Muslims can better prepare themselves for love and marriage.

If you want to know what skills and mindsets are conducive for a healthy and harmonious marriage, then you don’t want to miss this!

In the 60-minute live show, I will be sharing:

The different types of love at different times and seasons of life

Do men find it difficult to communicate their love to their wives?

How love makes the world go round – as well as trust, communication and respect

The importance of communicating to your spouse your need for respect

The changing roles of men and women require different skills

The support that is needed for people who are not respected in their marriages

How to deal with mental health issues in a marriage

Can we love someone too much that we don’t set boundaries with them?

Is there enough love to give everyone?

Do women have to be obedient to their husbands (and mothers in law?)

How can a single person lay healthy boundaries, especially with regards to a woman’s finances?

What works for you as a family is paramount

Why is it becoming so difficult for people to get married?

The importance of having healthy boundaries when searching for a spouse

The importance of respecting all ethnicities and cultures, to create welcoming communities

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Sara Malik
Fulfilment & Intimacy Coach for Muslimahs

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