Cherished Muslimah Coaching

How does Cherished Muslimah Coaching work? Here's what you need to know.


Cherished Muslimah coaching helps you to go from a state, behaviour or belief system to a place that is useful! I help you to find out what is working and what is not working and then identify what it is that you want.

But coaching at Cherished Muslimah also guides, advises and teaches.

Tools & Skills

I believe we all have untapped potential within us to excel, but I also believe we are always learning, as am I, and that is why my coaching also involves mentoring and advising.

I offer tools and teach skills to help you to become empowered and relational. Please note: although positive outcomes cannot be guaranteed, many clients have found the skills, tools and suggestions that I provide to be beneficial. However, if you feel that something isn't/won't work for you, I would recommend that you discard that suggestion, and try something different.


Relational Skills Take Practice

'Becoming proficient in the art of relating is on par with acquiring any other complex and rewarding skill such as mastering a new language, instrument, or sport. As you practice, more and more, the artifice drops away, the craft recedes, and the space is cleared for the gift of inspiration, the influx of grace.'

- Terry Real

Islamically Advised 

The Cherished Muslimah approach insists that both men and women have a part to play in an Islamic marriage, following in the footsteps and perfect example of The Messenger of Allah ﷺ. We have zero-tolerance for any form of abuse or coercive control.  Instead, we live through gratitude and abundant giving, leading by example and encouragement, using goodly words and living life rich in mutual respect.

Through my studies with my dear teachers, I endeavour to be grounded in my Islamic faith. I am not a scholar – but I am always checking and re-checking any fiqh issues that come up during my coaching sessions, and I encourage my clients to do the same.

I am passionate about making sure Cherished Muslimah is shariah-compliant!

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I am a master practitioner of neuro-linguistic programming, and through that, I can help my clients with behaviour and belief change, hypnosis, parts integration, TimeLine therapy and more.

If what you are doing isn't working, do something different.
Do anything different.'

- NLP Presupposition

21st Century Kindness

'And live with them in kindness [fair, appropriate, acceptable in society]'

- Surah An Nisa (4:19)

Archetypal Living 

Through my extensive research and training, my forte is helping my clients to access their inner archetypal energies, and to understand when they are access disempowering energies.

Cherished Muslimah is all about archetypal living, and is based on the premise that we all have different energies with us, and we can tap into them and embody them as and when we need them.

As a certified One of Many women’s coach, I can help you to embody these energies in your life.

Relational Living 

Through my current ongoing training in Relational Life Therapy I teach my clients relational skills so that while they grow, so do their relationships. Self-development is only useful if it supports healthy relationships, and I help my clients to grow and nourish their relationships at the same time.  I also gently bring to light problematic imbalances of power and bring my clients back to a way of life that stands for respect, love, compassion and justice from an Islamic viewpoint.

Honouring the Masculine & Feminine 

I celebrate both masculinity and femininity in men and women.  I acknowledge that both men and women need both energies to be balanced.  Just like Allah has strong (jamali) and beautiful (jalali) attributes, and just like The Messenger of Allah ﷺ was grounded in his sovereign leadership energy, having strong warrior energy as well as compassionate care, we are all a fusion of beautiful energies, both masculine and feminine. 

Indeed, there are times when a man needs masculine energy (e.g. resilience, determination, organisation) from the women in his life and times when a woman needs feminine energy (e.g. tenderness, care, and cooperation) from the men in her life.  A marriage needs a beautiful balance where both husband and wife can complement and strengthen each other.

‘And among His signs is that He created for you spouses from among yourselves
That you may find tranquillity in them;
And He placed between you affection and mercy.
Indeed, in that are signs for people who give reflect.’

Ar Rum (30: 21)

Advocating Respect

As a mentor and advocate of Full Respect Living, I help my clients to commit to a life where they respect those around them and ensure they are respected also. 

I acknowledge that both toxic masculinity, where one person (whether male or female) has detrimental power or control over another, and toxic femininity, where one person (again, whether male or female) detrimentally forgoes their own needs for the sake of, or under the compulsion of others, are both unhealthy and harmful. 

When I coach couples, I don’t remain neutral.  I will take sides when there is an unhealthy power imbalance.  I will show them a mirror, gently and loving, and allow them to see the consequences of what happens when one spouse has power over the other, and what happens when we don’t ensure that we are respected by others.

Emotional & Effective Harmony

Controlling another person or forgoing one's needs both come with a heavy price: a lack of generosity, no desire for closeness or sexual intimacy, resentment and opposition. 

Let me show you a new roadmap with skills to help men become more responsible and emotionally available while helping women become less resentful and more effective.


Directive Coaching & Mentoring 

My coaching and mentoring is not non-directive – I will tell you what to do in situations, educating and equipping you to have a corrective emotional experience with your spouse or loved ones.

I am here to help you to do things differently and to support you as you learn skills that allow your relationship to flourish.

Your Fellow Traveller 

I am here to help you to cultivate a healthy life and relationships, and my qualification for this is my life and marriage.  The skills I teach have helped me in my life, marriage and relationships and that’s why I know that they work.  I also know that where I neglect living relationally, both those around me and I, are affected negatively. Living a consciously empowered life is a daily commitment and choice that I make on a daily basis.  Let me support you as a fellow traveller as you make this change!


'A Way of Life'

There is so much wisdom and guidance in Sara’s coaching, and fabulous ongoing resources and support is part of this 12 month or lifetime course.

I would say it’s more than a course, it is a way of life, of living purposefully. The tools learnt in the programme can be used in any situation and are timeless in nature.

A Cherished Muslimah 

 'You saved my life'

I want to thank you because you saved my life. I was in a very abusive and controlling relationship over a decade ago and you were my only contact because everything else had been removed in my life.

SubhanAllah I was in such a dark place and had made several attempts at suicide and escape before I contacted you. I was so ashamed of myself that I couldn't tell you that part. You didn't turn me away and everything I read was a little light of hope.

Alhamdulillah, I am now free with my children, working and studying. We have all been coping with the recovery of the abusive marriage that I was in, but MashaAllah, my babies have grown to be so strong and wise from it.

I want to tell you to keep doing what you are doing because Allah sees what you don't see and I make dua for you and your family from the depths of my heart. 

Taking Care of Myself First

Sara taught me that when I don't do self-care haram things, happen because I get snappy and angry and it's easier for me to blow up.

May Allah bless Sara for helping me follow the Sunnah - helping me get control of my emotions/actions by making sure I'm taken care of first.

A Cherished Muslimah

'21st Century Skills'

We have been trying to negotiate 21st-century relationships using 20th-century skills.

Neither acquiescence nor coercive control will get us what we most deeply want.  It's time to start respecting our own needs and the needs of our loved ones. 

Are you ready to learn new skills?