The Cherished Muslimah Connection Pack 

Create a life of abundance, connection, and archetypal living!

Is Life Difficult?

Do you feel disconnected from your purpose, and feel like you aren’t getting what you want in life?

Cherished Muslimahs live abundant lives that are rich in blessings, and it's time that you do the same.

Do you get triggered by the past or find yourself behaving in ways you wish you wouldn’t?

Come and find out how to create the life you want!

 Love & Respect

Are you ready to find out how to create more love, respect and satisfaction in your life and relationships? Download your 7 FREE Health Checks now in the Cherished Muslimah Connection Pack!

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Need a Helping Hand?

Well, come on sister, take my hand and let’s get you connected!!!

The Cherished Muslimah Connection Pack will show you how you can cultivate The Four Traits of a Cherished Muslimah in your life.

Take my 7 unique Health Checks to get you connected to your creator, yourself and others, from a place of beautiful, feminine empowerment! If you are a woman who wants to create a life filled with love, respect and fulfilment so you and your relationships thrive, then this Connection Pack is just what you need!


7 Health Checks

I have created 7 Health Checks which you can use as checklists or journaling sheets. Put them on your fridge or pop them in your journal and use them as a blueprint to create a life that is filled with spiritual, relational, and emotional health. Each Health Check has also been provided in printer ink friendly format so you can reprint easily. 

These Health Checks are all part of my coaching material that I use during my one-to-one coaching sessions with clients, and teach the members of Cherished Seasons, my group coaching programme.

Transformational Tools

Use this Connection Pack on your tablet or print it out, and discover:

  • 8 Ways To Be Cherished
  • 99 Ways to Say Thank You
  • 4 Seasons to Live & Learn From
  • How to Heal Your Inner Child
  • 5 Women Who Will Transform Your Life
  • 5 Strategies to Empower Your Relationships
  • 3 Questions to Change Your Life

Cherished Living
Your Blessings
Mother Earth
Your Inner Child
Your Archetypes
Your Relationships
Life Planning

Empowered & Relational

  • Connect to an empowered way of living – which at Cherished Muslimah we call archetypal living.
  • Live relationally and create more abundance in your life through practicing a daily habit of gratitude.
  • Connect to Mother Earth; she provides the world with a beautiful template for living which you can emulate as you flow through your own seasons.
  • Heal from the past and move powerfully into a future that you want for yourself. 

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 From 99 Ways to Say Thank You to Winning Strategies for Couples, I've got you covered! 

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