The book every Muslimah has been waiting for


The Four Traits of a Cherished Muslimah 

The Four Traits

'An essential addition to the bookshelf of every Muslim lady.'
Katherine Holden, Mother of 9

Learn the secrets of how to be loving wives, mothers, daughters, sisters, friends.

Tap into the power of respectful and intuitive femininity.


Timely and Traditional

Sara’s book is both reassuring and extremely effective as it addresses both underlying causes in the disintegration of an unconscious long-term relationship and helps bring to the forefront both clear explanations and techniques to heal, solve and relax deeply into one’s motives and desires. The outcome?

Peace, love and happiness.

Sarah J. Cion, Author of The Daughter-in-Law Rules

The Workbook

'Practical solutions and ways which can be implemented to create positive, incremental shifts in your life.'
Zuhair Girach, Founder of Aafiyah Healing

Learn how to cultivate love and harmony in your marriage in a way that helps you to gain Allah’s love

Purposefully and prayerfully do your best

Balancing the four traits of leadership, love, wisdom and justice


Transform your marriage—
And become a Cherished Muslimah in the process!

A wonderful mixture of Muslim devotion and knowledge

Sara has the ability to touch what is essential to the female psyche, and add the beautiful elements of her beliefs in such a way as to make all women, of every or any belief system, find accessible support and practical help to enrich their lives on so many levels.

Dee Shipman, NLP Master Coach, Trainer, and Master Practitioner at New Oceans NLP


Official Book Launch

The Four Traits of a Cherished Muslimah

Aired live on Saturday 27th June, 2020