Hannah Walton

 Wise Womb Nurturer - Mizan & Holistic Therapist

Bringing Out Our Best Selves

Womb healing, Self-care and Rejuvenation.

At her home clinic in the Midlands, Hannah practises Mizan Therapy, Pregnancy and Postnatal Massage, Reflexology, Hijama and Aromatherapy. Focusing primarily on women's womb, hormonal and pelvic health, she provides women with nurturing support and mentoring. She teaches them ancient healing tools and techniques, which have been used for thousands of years to heal the womb.

Hannah also facilitates feminine, reconnection retreats in Morocco and the UK, teaching workshops, which focus on womb healing, self-care and rejuvenation.

Hannah considers it an honour and a blessing to be helping women, both here in the UK and abroad, to rediscover their feminine path, awaken a passion for travelling, sisterhood bonding, self-renewal and healing.

Cherished Muslimah is proud to have Hannah as part of its team of Wise Womb Nurturers, a group of women committed to helping women to connect to the mercy of their wombs

If you would like to contact Hannah to find out more about Retreats or Therapies you can do that here:

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'Awaken your innate traveller, rediscover your Feminine path.'

- Hannah Walton