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If you are a Muslimah who wants to create a life of joy, fulfilment and intimacy, then you are in the right place!

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Cherished Seasons is a community that supports you in your relational life with the support, skills and coaching you need to create more love, respect and satisfaction in your life and relationships.

Come and join us as we nurture ourselves and cultivate our relationships. Be with us as we establish new habits and skills, experience a new way of Cherished Living, and transform into a beautifully empowered and feminine version of ourselves!

We love sisterhood - it is through community and sharing that we thrive - so welcome! 


"Cherished Muslimah - the modern WISE woman training program! 

It forces you to stop living superficially forcing you to go deep and face the reality of who you are and the nature of all your relationships - with Allah, yourself, your spouse, your child/children, and others.

Sara provides the tools to strengthen and have authentic relationships in all areas. She does it all with love, care, calling on Allah, and with grace. One of the things I like most about the program is the connection to the 99 names of Allah.

With Sara’s guidance I am on my way out of a long-term toxic relationship and on the path InshaAllah to establish a stronger relationship with Allah (swt).

I believe Cherished Muslimah can transform you from being average to phenomenal!"

- Cherished Seasons Member 

Transformation isn't always easy...

As women, we are so giving.  We give to whoever asks, and if someone asks for one more thing, we fit that in, too. We are women.  We give of ourselves.  That's part of our DNA.  But we are also worthy of respect, love and boundaries.  We all hear about how important boundaries are, and if we put them in place, our lives would be. so much more enriched and meaningful.

Yet, putting them in place is no easy feat, and it can be quite painful - without the right support.

Getting respect from others may seem like a great idea - until you realise that we perhaps might not even be respecting ourselves, furthermore, finding that self-worth may seem unfamiliar to you.

You may desire love, but you may be missing out on the love that is right in front of you. Too overwhelmed, you might not be able to see past your own issues to see how to create more loving relationships.

If this sounds like you then you are probably:

  • Yearning for more from life
  • Doing things for everyone and not getting much back
  • Overwhelmed and exhausted from having too much to do
  • In power struggles with your family members
  • Feeling unloved and underappreciated
  • Not being able to fit in self-care in your busy life

I've been there and I understand...

I got married at a very young age, and it took me a long time to figure out how to have a loving marriage and self-respect at the same time. I fluctuated between being all-loving and feminine to becoming a boundary monster, which was very unappealing, and didn't always get me the results I wanted!

I've been tweaking and perfecting my recipe for my own martial success and I discovered there are four traits we all have inside us, giving us all the skills and strengths we need at any time - and I've designed the Cherished Seasons membership programme so that you can have all the tools you need to create a life filled with intimacy and fulfilment.

Group Coaching

Group coaching and training four times a month

Monthly E-Books

An easy to read e-book on the habit of the month


Short and easy to watch coaching videos from Sara per habit

Relationship Guidance

Guidance on how each habit can improve all relationships, not just marriages

Marriage Skills

Specific guidance  on how to improve marriages 


Establish the habit of the month by connecting to Allah through His ninety-nine beautiful names

Diverse Tools

Learn in the way that suits you - from worksheets, e-books, videos, masterclasses and group coaching

Ongoing Change

Keep making progress so you don’t lose the motivation to change.

Revisit Topics

Re-visit any area you want to cultivate again by watching replays in your own time

Testimonial - Digging Deep to Heal

"Working with Sara has been amazing! I started my healing journey with Sara just under 2 years ago. It was so much more than the issues I thought needed addressing.

The more we dug together the more I realised how much I really needed to address.

Sara is patient, kind and very warm in the way she deals with difficult conversations.

2 years later, I'm a different person. I'm happier and stronger and I have learnt that it's ok to put yourself first (it's not selfish!!!!). Yes, things still need working through but I would 100% recommend anyone having a tough time to pick up the phone or contact Sara ... And begin their journey to healing."

- Cherished Seasons Member 

I've done the research for you...

I've been coaching women for over 13 years now, and I have brought all my learnings into one place so you have ready access to everything you need to create a healthy life and nourishing relationships. This means that you don't have to read the hundreds of books I have read or go learn all the different experts on communication, boundary setting, archetypal living, relational development - you can find it all here under one roof - your Cherished Seasons home.

Are you ready to transform into a Cherished Muslimah?  

Come and join us - we are waiting for you!


Gradual and Effective Change

Make positive changes in your life and relationships

Be feminine and empowered, radiating love!

Tap into your inner-wisdom by communicative effectively.

Create a life of joy, fulfilment and intimacy.

Be fulfilled and respected!

And all for just £1.56 a day! 

Here's what happens when you become a Cherished Muslimah:

❤ Everything you do transforms into purposeful worship

❤ You actively looks for ways to be loved by Allah

❤ You become an embodiment of merciful leadership, love, justice and wisdom!

❤ You connect with your power as a Muslim woman

❤ You connect with time and start to honour your energy

❤ You love what it means to be a woman!



Here's what we stand for at Cherished Muslimah:

Cherishing Your Soul

We do everything for sake of Allah’s love

We use every moment to connect to The Messenger of Allah ﷺ

Cherishing Yourself

When we focus on getting love from inside, it is easier to send it out to others and the world

When we show gratitude, we get abundance back


Cherishing Others

We commit to Full-Respect living, where we can all thrive

We believe that 'self-development' is only effective if it supports healthy relationships 


Cherishing Archetypes

By tapping into the energies of the Warrioress, Lover, Mother, Queen and Wise Woman we are well resourced for anything life gives us!

We can give ourselves what we need by connecting our hormonal cycles with Mother Earth’s archetypal seasons

Testimonial - For Singles and All Ages

"The Cherished Seasons course has been very thought provoking, eye opening and dare I say life changing. It has made me explore my intentions, my habits, my routine and purposes in life,  Alhamdulillah.

Although Sara’s book is aimed at married women, Alhamdulillah I was easily able to adapt the concepts and apply them to my very busy single life.

Sara has provided excellent and thorough support. I can see her experience, knowledge, support, and genuine concern is unique and believe she is a great blessing for women, of all ages."

- Cherished Seasons Member 

Regular Events

We have meetups 4 times a month in Cherished Seasons so you get regular coaching and support


Establish a new monthly habit via e-books and a monthly group coaching call every 1st Saturday of the month

Get regular training to learn new ways of being.


Come and meet other women who are also committed to change on the 2nd Tuesday of the month as you work on developing the habit of the month.



Attend a monthly group encouragement call every 3rd Tuesday of the month and be part of the Cherished Seasons community. Share your successes and get guidance on your challenges.

Engage & Experience

Experience the habit through exercises from Cherished Muslimah toolkit on the 4th Tuesday of the month.

Learn skills gradually to avoid overwhelm


Testimonial - Saved Our Marriage

"I reached a point in my marriage where I felt nothing and no one was helping. We were planning to live apart and discussing child care. I knew I wanted a successful marriage with husband; we are both good people who love each other.

Reaching out to Sara and the attention she gives, the guidance, the support has saved me, and has saved our marriage.
There is lots of work to be done I pray with Sara’s coaching and invaluable advice we can be a successful family inshaAllah."

- Cherished Seasons Member 

Here's what we focus on in each season:

With each season we embody the energy of that season's archetype.


Connect to your Inner Warrioress so you can bring that youthful spark into your life - regardless of your age!


Create a joyful, worshipful life

Embrace your responsibilities flourish!

Purpose & Prayer

Be fulfilled through purpose and prayer with a zest for life!


Connect to the juicy, sensual Lover - the part of you that loves everything and makes the world a gorgeous place to be in


Enjoy giving and receiving abundant love in your life from all sources

Put yourself first with love as an act of worship

Relational Tools

Learn how to communicate with the masculine and appreciate the differences so you can radiate Soft Power. Get all your loved ones onboard your vision!


Connect to your justice trait by tapping into your Inner Queen - she's the part of you that establishes and maintains effortless, serene boundaries.


Fully respectful living for you and your loved ones.

Hold yourself accountable for doing too much or too little

Boundary Setting

Learn to set beautiful, dignified boundaries without the power struggles - invite love and respect to flow freely in your relationships!


Tap into your Inner Wise Woman and intuition so you can communicate at all levels - inwardly and outwardly. Maintain your spiritual connection to Allah, the Source.


Learn to speak for yourself and be understood

Overcome your triggers and create the life you want

Heal Your Life

See where you triggered and heal your wounds. Learn to process your emotions and speak your truth. Honour your body and inner voice.

Mercy, Always

Embody the pure and unconditional love and acceptance of your Inner Mother. Connect to those nearest to you from a place of compassion.

Encompassing Mercy

Connect to the mercy of The Merciful, Allah and emulate the mercy of the Messenger ﷺ 

Be merciful toward yourself and others

Nourish & Grow

Nourish yourself before others and learn how to connect to the most fruitful practices, by planning your weeks and days so your legacy bears abundant fruit.


and get learning how to be empowered and loved in a way that both you and your relationships thrive!



Top features

  • Pay as you go
  • Total flexibility
  • Affordable
  • Establish a new habit per month
  • Group coaching calls four times a month
  • Continued Support



Top features

  • Pay as you go
  • Membership renews every season (3 months)
  • Focus on each season
  • Group coaching calls four times a month
  • Continued Support



Most Popular

  • Best (only for this year) lifetime membership
  • All monthly features included
  • Receive* a complimentary copy of The Four Traits of a Cherished Muslimah and its companion workbook

Salam, I'm Sara!

I am the founder of Cherished Muslimah, and I am passionate about helping women create lives and relationships that are filled with love and respect, so they feel fulfilled and powerful beyond measure as Muslimahs. I do this by resurrecting the true Islamic meaning of womanhood.  

My coaching model is based on my own life journey and experiences - I fixed up and now help Muslimahs do the same. (Don't get me wrong, I'm still fixing up every day, even now).  I am determined to help women tap into their Soft Power so they can be feminine, be loved and still be empowered and strong.

I got married at 18 and have been married almost 25 years mashaAllah to my ever-optimistic and supportive husband, Jawad.  My three sons are now grown men, and my daughter is soon to start secondary school.

I struggled as a young wife as I was a people pleaser and boundaryless, which led to me having a breakdown where I literally couldn’t get out of bed, I was so burnt out. I went on to fix my marriage by tapping into my feminine energy, bringing out leadership in my husband. I realised very quickly I needed boundaries, so I add that to my toolkit too.

Through this journey, I naturally evolved into a relationship coach for women, so I could help them to do the same,

I have been coaching women in relationship skills since 2009 and have since written a book, The Four Traits of a Cherished Muslimah.

I partner women in becoming well-resourced through Allah and His Messenger ﷺ  and by accessing the innate power they have within them so that they thrive in their own lives and their relationships thrive, too.

I help women to connect to their inner, archetypal energies so they can radiate Soft Power and cultivate intimate relationships through relational empowerment.

Testimonial - Self Care & Mothering

I have learnt a lot since joining. I think it’s fantastic to attend coaching sessions that combine Islamic teachings with other philosophies. Sara puts a lot of effort into producing quality materials and we can catch up if we can’t attend live sessions.

One of the topics that I really benefitted from was the one on self care. I hadn’t ever given it importance but this session and the examples given about our prophet ﷺ made me realise that by setting aside a little time for myself, I will benefit not only myself but also my family as I will be less tired and snappy. Now, when my toddler naps, I remind myself to leave off doing the dishes or ironing for a little while so I can sit down quietly with a book and a cup of coffee.

I really enjoy learning with Sara and the other sisters in a supportive environment where we realise we all have things to work on and can make small steps to change for the better.

- Cherished Seasons Member


Monthly Group Coaching Calls 

❤ Live Training Sessions      

❤ In-depth Skills Learning      

❤ Guest Training       

❤ Monthly Buddy Meetups  

❤ Private Facebook Community       

❤ Replay Resource Library      

❤ Bi-Annual Planning Days

Testimonial - Saved My Life

My dearest Sara, I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything that you have taught me. Honestly speaking, I would be probably dead by now or seriously unwell if I would not have met you. Allah has answered all of my duas and hopes to recover and He the Most Exalted did it through you. I am a totally different person now alhamdulillah but I am still on my journey; it’s not easy, I’ve still got a lot to learn.

Alhamdulillah my daughter is also good, it has been really hard with her in the past few days due to school holidays but alhamdulillah I am handling it OK. Everything is OK with my husband alhamdulillah. He helps more and I am able to communicate with him effectively thanks to your techniques and advice and I also take into consideration his cycle.

- Cherished Seasons Member


come and join us - we can't wait to have you with us!



Top features

  • Pay as you go
  • Total flexibility
  • Affordable
  • Establish a new habit per month
  • Group coaching calls four times a month
  • Continued Support



Most Popular

  • Best value annual membership
  • Get 10 months for the price of 12
  • All monthly features included
  • Receive* a complimentary copy of The Four Traits of a Cherished Muslimah and its companion workbook

Testimonial - A Safe Space to Discuss

I've had a few coaching sessions with Sara and am a part of the Cherished Seasons Sisterhood. What an honour. A safe space for sisters to discuss their thoughts, ideas and worries and for one another to support each other. I've been able to look at and react to situations in a different light and with a mature attitude, not allowing myself to be so affected by things which once would make me question the way I was living my life. Sara had a unique way of looking at things and an incredible style of breaking them down into bite-sized pieces of WISDOM. She brings a wide array of knowledge and intertwines them to bring a fresh whiff of air to the table. Her great listening skills, her compassion and empathy are only a few of the attributes she possesss and is why you NEED to be a part of the Cherished Muslimahs.

- Cherished Seasons Member


We get really grounded on one habit at a time for lasting, gradual change



Warrioress Energy

  • March - Connecting to Your Purpose 
  • April - A Balanced Life    
  • May - Guardianship     



Lover Energy

  • June - Gratitude

  • July - Self-Care

  • August - Giving Love



Queen Energy

  • September - Communication

  • October - Healing

  • November - Time



Wise Woman Energy

  • December - Respecting Others

  • January - Self-Respect

  • February - Self-Discipline

Testimonial - Embodying Mercy

I was very troubled in March 2020, had repetitive, anxious, negative thoughts and very toxic ways of behaving.  Sara introduced me to Cherished Seasons, a women’s group of hope, starting over, connecting to Allah through His names and the Prophet ﷺ through salawat and embodying his character.

Sara taught me real tools that I could put into practise straight away, she guides you, supports you, and cheers you on in every small success you have Alhamdalillah.

- Cherished Seasons Member

Testimonial - Feeling Safe and Held

As each day passes by I am witnessing the subtle changes of growth within me. I'm connecting with Allah swt on a deeper level, I'm beginning to feel the synchronicity between myself, nature and the creation of Allah swt. I feel my sense of understanding, compassion, love and wisdom is begin to deepen.

Sara is so loving, gentle, compassionate and wise as she guides me through my personal journey. The sisterhood is absolutely amazing, everyone feels at home, we share, we comfort, we support, we learn, we nurture, we grow.

From feeling like I didn't belong no matter how hard I tried to fit into the world I now feel as though I have finally returned home to a place where I am loved and cherished. I feel held, safe, supported and in a state of inner peace that I have never felt before.

- Cherished Seasons Member


Let's journey through the seasons together! Choose your membership option here



Top features

  • Pay as you go
  • Total flexibility
  • Affordable
  • Establish a new habit per month
  • Group coaching calls four times a month
  • Continued Support



Most Popular

  • Best value annual membership
  • Get 10 months for the price of 12
  • All monthly features included
  • Receive* a complimentary copy of The Four Traits of a Cherished Muslimah and its companion workbook