Journey Through the Seasons

Resurrect womanhood and nourish your marriage and life by cultivating the four traits of leadership, love, wisdom

Learn the secrets of how to be loving wives, mothers, daughters, sisters, friends

Tap into the power of respectful and intuitive femininity


Establish a new monthly habit via e-books and a monthly group coaching call every 1st Saturday of the month


Experience the habit through exercises from The Four Traits of a Cherished Muslimah Workbook


Receive continued support from Sara through discussions, and video answers to questions asked


Attend a monthly group encouragement call every 3rd Saturday of the month

Coaching & Community

Change is always easier with support.  Cherished Muslimah provides you with coaching and community so that you can become your best self with others by your side.

Book Free Discovery Call With Me

Let's discuss how you can uncover your traits of leadership, love, wisdom and justice to live a more balanced life and have better relationships because of it.

Find out more about my coaching options and how I can best help you - there is something for everyone!


Transformation Tools For Your Relationships & Soul

✔ Short and easy to watch coaching videos from Sara per habit

✔ An easy to read e-book on the habit of the month

✔ Guidance on how each habit can improve all relationships, not just marriages

✔ Specific guidance for married women on how to improve their marriages through the habit of the month

✔ How to establish the habit of the month by connecting to Allah through His ninety-nine beautiful names

Starting Spring 2020, we will journey through the seasons over the course of the year and ground our selves in In The Four Traits of a Cherished Muslimah, so we can all be empowered, strong, loving Muslimahs, and be cherished by Allah!

Cherished Seasons


Cultivating Excellence

  • Establish habits through live coaching and e-books
  • Experience change
  • Encouragement coaching
  • Enjoy a new you

Diverse Learning Tools

Get all the coaching tools you need - from worksheets, e-books, coaching videos, masterclasses and group coaching calls.  Learn in the way that suits you.



Top features

  • Pay as you go
  • Total flexibility
  • Affordable
  • Establish a new habit per month
  • Fortnightly group coaching calls
  • Continued Support



Most Popular

  • Best value lifetime membership
  • All monthly features included
  • Receive* a complimentary copy of The Four Traits of a Cherished Muslimah and its companion workbook

Gradual and Effective Change

Thrive as an empowered woman with purposeful, feminine balance and embracing your guardianship roles

Radiate love through gratitude and giving love to yourself and others

Tap into your inner-wisdom by communicative effectively, healing and understanding seasons

Connect to your inner warrioress by upholding respect for everyone, including you! 

'Life Changing'

The Cherished Seasons course has been very thought provoking, eye opening and dare I say life changing. It has made me explore my intentions, my habits, my routine and purposes in life,  Alhamdulillah.

Although Sara’s book is aimed at married women, Alhamdulillah I was easily able to adapt the concepts and apply them to my very busy single life.

Sara has provided excellent and thorough support. I can see her experience, knowledge, support, and genuine concern is unique and believe she is a great blessing for women, of all ages. 

Cherished Seasons Member 

'So Comprehensive'

I encourage all women to join the Cherished Seasons course. I've read many books and attended many courses but this is so comprehensive - all you need, and you will meet many inspiring women too. I love the sisterhood alhamdulillah.

You have everything to gain, be inspired and stay empowered.


Cherished Seasons Member 


'Saved My Marriage'

I reached a point in my marriage where I felt nothing and no one was helping. We were planning to live apart and discussing child care. I knew I wanted a successful marriage with husband; we are both good people who love each other.

Reaching out to Sara and the attention she gives, the guidance, the support has saved me, and has saved our marriage.
There is lots of work to be done I pray with Sara’s coaching and invaluable advice we can be a successful family inshaAllah.
Cherished Seasons Member